Full Moon Care of Your Body

people suffering from flares-ups of certain health symptoms….This is natural and explains what happens around a full moon…

Many forget the connection and what happens on a cellular level..if you can remember this in future you can protect yourselves and be fore-warned of particular symptoms arising.

As we are 70% water, around the full moon a pull occurs on a cellular level. We are not separate from nature. This pull on the cells causes a release of inflammation-causing acidic sodium along with mucus and toxins to come out of the cells into the blood and lymph creating havoc and challenges..

This is done actually to help create a cleanse on the cellular level and tradionally indigenous cultures would use this time to sweat out this exess acidity via the 3rd kidney..the skin..by dancing around the camp fire and taking special herbs, concoctions and fasting…

The body always works for you and not against…so always use this time to help your body remove toxicity and cleanse you by keeping hydration to a maximum taking soaked linseeds or soaked linseed water (See Lucys Luscious Health and Beauty)..and not juicing or pushing too many alkalising raw foods into the system as this will push out more toxicity and make you worse…

Soups, stewed apples, live yoghurt, brown rice and cooked vegetables and greens are all you need to be consuming at this time…Unless you are on a special detox diet where you are sweating and doing enemas then be gentle with yourselves…

You will see colleagues, friends and family around you getting ill…colds especially, as this junk moves into the lymph and causes that achy feeling

Where ever the toxicity has moved it will indicate a symptom so if in the blood a headache or migraine attack is more likely…

As the sodium moves through the body it creates a drop in blood sugar levels and causes an emotional challenge as well..resulting in people reaching out for synthetic prostaglandins to reassure the mind/body. Synthetic prostaglandins are drugs such as alcohol, coffee, sugar, chocolate, weed or the heavier more challenging drugs…all will give short term relief but will not help the body or move you forward on your healing journey…

The new moon…new beginnings….is the time to really work on gently cleansing but full moons are all about hydration, sweating, diets high in gentle fibre ( your internal broom) such as the linseeds to help remove these toxins, high doses of omega 3 to calm inflammation and then you are on your way.


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