A Morning of Joy & Bliss

I woke up with this overwhelming feeling of Joy and Bliss this morning


What I realize attributed to this, is the contact I am experiencing from you my readers and bloggers…

I feel part of this Universe again…

I chose the path of sovereignty seven years ago and slowly, sometimes quickly, my world of friends, family, acquaintances shrunk to barely a handful; I have been mis-placed in housing and on a limited budget


This morning I felt my world had opened up for me again.

It is true…when one door closes and another opens…just, sometimes it takes awhile…giggle, giggle

After five years of having only a iPad, I was gifted a laptop, hence my return to blogging, I am so grateful

Now what my “project” is, is my health and creating a quality of life…


You get to share my ride with me…

Thank you for coming along

Much love and light


17 responses to “A Morning of Joy & Bliss

  1. Hello, I am pleased to meet you. I read your post ‘Quality of Life 4 U, A morning of Joy and Bliss’, I like it and would love to join you.


  2. Good afternoon from Florida. You said it better than I could have but what you wrote is exactly how I have been feeling for a long time now. I am too tired and not feeling well to comment like I normally would. I tend to ramble.
    I am also in Blogging 101. I took Blogging 201 and like you …….it rejuvenated me. I overdid it. That is not hard to do for me. Many serious health issues. I just wanted you to know, that I saw your post in the Commons, came here and liked what I saw. I will be back. Have fun. Don’t overdo.
    Hugs Sarah


  3. Sweet man. I hope you keep posting! Good imagery!


  4. you may have a newer iPad than i have, mine is an iPad 1 and it is very limited….:)


  5. Dear One, I have been a “member” of the WordPress Community for over three years now and it is a wonderful group f folks. You will meet many like-minded souls here and exchange much. Hooray! Glad to have you among us ♥ Alia


  6. Thank you for sending me healing energy 😀 I had a break from blogging and bit of singing for first time in a year. Exercises stomach and lungs lovely. Then managed my very quick sketching for #DrawingAugust and also using same sketch in response to CreativityCarnival prompt (hosted by shafali.WordPress.com) – so, a happy Sunday me and hopefully for you and all. Best wishes 🙂

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    • What a glowing report, isn’t it amazing how that works…we take care of ourself and reach out for love, healing and light…bingo…life gets good again….have a really fun day…give yourself a big hug and say to yourself…I love you, I love you, I love you

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  7. I look forward to reading more of your blog 🙂 Can you explain to me what you mean by the Path of sovereignty please? I am very curious
    warm wishes



    • Thank you for visiting my blog and asking about sovereignty, the actual definition is power or authority over self, self rule, freedom, self governing; my personal definition is that no person, place, deity, government has power over me, I stand in my own power and am personally responsible for me and all my actions; I honor all living things and people, including myself. Sovereignty is a personal state of being, for me it came gradually, for others it can be an instant aha moment…hope this answers your question…if not,ask away…it is one of my favorite topics…:)

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  8. I love the way you put this. I have gone through this a few times in my life. As if you hibernate then come back out to play. I am glad I am able to get to play with you after a good rest. lol. or for me it feels like my hibernation was more work that actually getting down to the real meat of life. Living in joy and doing what makes your heart sing. Much easier. Thank you for sharing

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    • I have had many of these since David passed, and i do want to say that your connection you had for me with him has been tremendous, we connect now on a regular basis. If you haven’t read my about page…you may enjoy that also, thanks so much for reading and commenting on my blog, looking forward to connecting our interests in the near future.


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