Water, Water What How to Choose

I have used almost every kind of water filter made – well, that is ones that my budget allowed…

When I was introduced to “structured water” by Natural Action Technologies, Inc, I knew intuitively I had found what I had been researching and looking for – and- it hasn’t disappointed me.

What is structured water: It creates a way where oxygen can act as a gateway to energize the water, also known as Living Water or Water with a Life Force – this means it benefits our body and mind to higher consciousness and health…and…our gardens, pools, hot tubs, bathtubs, showers, pets, washing vegetables, car runs better and uses less gas, spray around house/work etc and it diminishes negative energy and creates love energy, breath on hand held device which clears sinus cavity/brain and chest cavities, spray on face for anti-aging help, ad infinitum.

Do you drink water from plastic bottles, here is a documentary that you may want to take a look at, if I need to drink water from a plastic bottle I will structure it before I drink it and it will return it to its natural state, so fantastic!!!!

Documentary on the hazards of bottled water call “TAPPED”.  Click here to view full length movie

Below you will find pictures that were taken in a research program conducted by Natural Action Technologies, Inc., the pictures speak for themselves.

Distilled and Reverse Osmosis (RO) water has so little Bio-Photon Life Force Energy that they are functionally dead:

Reverse Osmosis Water Sample

Bio-Photon (life force) Energy Emissions from a single drop of fresh well water sample tested in Taos, NM

Bio-Photon Energy Before Structuring

Photonic Structuring shows dramatic visual evidence of the increase in Bio-Photon Life Force Energy

83% Increase in Bio-Photon Energy

(Photos from real-time Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Bio-electrography for water studies by Clayton Nolte.)

For more and other info you can check out Victoria Whites website http://www.biophotonicwater.com/ and be sure you tell her if you talk to her that you got your intro from me, that way we can both assist you in getting all the care and info you need/want.


5 responses to “Water, Water What How to Choose

  1. Thank you for this post, I’ve always wondered about bottled water, now I’m convinced it is not good for us. 🙂


    • Awareness is a beautiful thing, as we then take action to make our life better, the beauty of this unit is that it is portable and it has no movable parts that need to be replaced, it is good to go for ever…and…it returns the water to its original state plus more…I am so glad I was able to share something that may make your life better…have a fun day


  2. Very interesting and useful post! I am drinking mainly bottled water and I would like to change that. How do you structure your water?


    • I purchased the hand held device from Victoria white and I love it, it is small enough to carry with you and/or around the house for your different needs, you can also get a shower unit so you don’t take in all the clorine etc from the city water, I take baths so I structure the water in the tub. I included Victoria’s link in the article, but if you want to go over this with me in more depth email me at 23qualityoflife4u@gmail.com


      • Thank you very much! I will check her website. I am very interested to know more on the topic 🙂 I will research also what is available in my country and I will email you.


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