New Moon Good News and Info

This astrology report sparked a fire under my get excited button! I am just giving you a link to the website as it is longish and has loads of info you will want to refer back to –!New-Moon-In-Leo-Symphony-Of-The-Stars/c1i8f/55cd23cb0cf25f10d9b53d66

Be sure and give the page time to load, as it could take a little time, it seemed to be a little slow for me, maybe I was just in a hurry….:)

I have to say I was never much “into” astrology, it seemed very complicated and detailed to me, however, I did do readings for a time regarding crystals and your birth sign, but that was more because crystals really resonate with me…THEN I was lead to Marcia Wade at Star Sister Astrology…she had/has a very personal and inviting approach to astrology and I became hooked to the spiritual side of astrology…here is the link to her website:

She also gives astrology updates on moon dates etc by email…if you stop by her website be sure and tell her Spiritdancing sent you.

happy weekend


8 responses to “New Moon Good News and Info

  1. Nice recommendation. 🙂
    As per Vedic transit system–Moon, Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are forming a “stellium” in Leo in a few hours. 🙂

    I like exploring Vedic Astrology but Western(Tropical) system uses a different ephemeris from Sidereal(Eastern) system.

    Have a nice weekend,



  2. Yes, just watched the “Pele” Report from Hawaii — amazing alignments happening starting today (Friday, August 14th) and continuing on through late September! Buckle your seat bets and enjoy the ride! Blessings, Alia


  3. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Have a great weekend!


    • Oh my gawd…I am so honored…today is my “day off”, but I did cheat and read that you commented and was so excited when I read your comment, I will accept your nomination, however, I won’t move forward on the process until tomorrow when I will be back on my usual get things done schedule…have a great new moon day…much love and light Spiritdancing

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