Creativity Sometimes Doesn’t Come Natural

WOW…I have had many days of time challenges, movie adventure and business paperwork – I am back, with three days clear for catching up with you on my blog…Yeah!!!!

I really miss the mental and spiritual exercise of sharing my daily thoughts and putting them in words. I find that when my day is filled with “worldly” activities my creativity in inner words just isn’t the same. So it is good to be back all centered and ready to get creative again.

My best and forever girlfriend and I went to see Ricki and Flash with Meryl Streep, we had one of those, best ever days, all the street light were green, we didn’t get lost once, perfect parking, perfect seats, friendly and fun ticket booth person etc, etc we laughed and were light hearted…fun, fun!! Of course Meryl was great as always, she is one of my favorites, and the movie was about a dysfunctional family and I could really relate to all the famous lines that have been shared in my own family. What I was left with was we all have something of value to share and it isn’t money, it is ourselves and our valuable gifts only we have, and we all have those gifts, it is our job to find them and then share them. Beautiful!!!!!

I share a 8 x 10 room in a household that loves “drama” and has two very needy dogs, I lovingly call this my spiritual sanctuary and also my “tiny house”, as I do all my living and my cooking in it. When the drama seeps in and the dogs need attention, it is very distracting and reduces my creativity for writing. I am very grateful for my “tiny house” as I have been homeless for over 5 years but never roofless, and this I am very grateful for. What it has done for me is to make so very grateful for all of the things I took for granted and just thought they were a given to have, now I enjoy every little thing, everything is a gift and a thank you. My “tiny house” is filled with my love, peace and quiet.

Today is one of those overcast days that Southern California Coast is known for, it is very calm and still, the birds are chirping and there is a soft breeze attempting to swish the overcast away, perfect for writing and being creative. It was fun sharing my meandering with you…Have Fun!!!!!


11 responses to “Creativity Sometimes Doesn’t Come Natural

  1. Your post is all about wonderful things, the movie you watched with your friend, the fun you had, these are very optimistic things. However you are grateul for the place you have and I’m happy to know you love your home. sometimes when we get things without working for it we do not appreciate them.
    Every now and then we are put to the test by the higher power, which makes us humble and more appreciative.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post,thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂


  2. I can feel your contentment from your post. ^_^
    I’m not a person with many words, therefore, I always admire people who can express themselves well with words. You are one of them! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week ahead. ^_-


  3. Dear One — I once read that Humanity has raised dysfunctionality to an art form! What will we do when the drama/trauma stops and we each and ALL have a chance to use our heightened emotional systems for co-creation?

    I think we are well poised to witness this transformation. Yeah! Tiny home!


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  5. Sounds like a fun day where everything was great! love this post! I wish you all the best in life!


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