Magnificent Super Moon Day

Saturday is my all time favorite day of the week…it is the day I give myself off regarding my wellness schedule.

1. No timed wellness procedures
2. 1 cup of flavored coffee-which is absolute bliss
3. Eat without timing – I still eat healthy, it just isn’t timed
4. Can sit in sun and go on my walk whenever I want – or not
5. Long peaceful meditations with healing 432hz healing music
6. Limited computer activity

Today is double special as it is Super Moon Day, and I woke up very excited with thoughts of anticipation, sort of like Christmas morning when I was I kid; only difference was I knew today was going to special and I was going to manifest everything my heart and love desired.

I loved both of these pictures I have posted, the first one is not actually being naughty; it is a metaphor for naughty, like a negative thought, not being grateful for everything, letting little things bug me, things like that. However, after everything is said and done, or not said and not done…what is left is love, always love, as that is all there is/was anyways. So today I send me, you and the whole world on this exciting day…love, love and more love.

naughty chair

When it is all said and done, all that is and ever will be, is love

love in sand


2 responses to “Magnificent Super Moon Day

  1. And sending love, love and more love back to all! Enjoy super moon Saturday, dear one!!


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