The Cosmic Mystic’s Whispered Secrets to Your Heart

This is from my favorite astrology person regarding the Super Moon and beyond, she not only knows the ins and outs of astrology but add the mystic of spirituality to it also. Her website link is near the bottom of the astrology article, she also gives private astrology readings along with these free updates. Enjoy!

The Cosmic Mystic’s Whispered Secrets to Your Heart

Greetings Beautiful,

Within you and around you, the potency of a mystical Pisces Moon is waxing. Can you feel it growing stronger with each passing minute? It’s just hours until Luna will ripen into complete and perfect fullness (at 8:22 pm UTC and 3:22 pm EDT in the US), The underlying wholeness of the Universe is already making contact.

Even as you read these words, that vibrant, pulsing wholeness is activating the living memory of your cosmic home – not a three-dimensional “place,” but a frequency that’s embedded in your heart and in your soul. This total immersion in the wholeness is your preparation for a huge, month-long energetic shift that’s just ahead.

A massive field of expansion and grace

This Full Moon energy field is massive. From far in the outer solar system, Neptune is infusing Luna with his vibrations of the Oneness. At the edges of the inner solar system, Jupiter is simultaneously conjuncting the Sun – the Star at the center of our reality. Together, they’re creating an enormous field of expansion and grace.

And like every Full Moon, its energy is highly polarized. Across the sky from the oceanic Pisces Moon is a very grounded, focused, detail-oriented Virgo Sun – whose energy is expanded by the presence of Jupiter. Each polarity is pulling at your consciousness as hard as it can. If you feel that you’re about to break wide open – well, that’s the Cosmic idea. Expanding your awareness and your life is this Full Moon’s agenda.

As this huge lunar wave comes pouring into your own field, you may feel euphoric. Or perhaps you’re filled with sadness or exhaustion. You could be overwhelmed or chaotic as your circuits jam from the overload. Any and all of these are possibilities whenever Luna is full in Pisces. This year, those possibilities are dialed as high as they can go. So be gentle with yourself. Move slowly through this weekend. Let your awareness open as completely as it can to this moment. Feel the invisible reality, of your emotions and intuition, and let it touch the visible one — the rhythm of your breath, the tension in your body, the feel of the air on your skin.

The Cosmic Mystic’s Whispered Secrets to Your Heart

The alignment of today’s Full Moon with Neptune is both potent and rare. It’s only once every 165 years that the Cosmic Mystic comes home to Pisces, to whisper his most magical secrets to your heart for just 14 years. Between now and 2191, there will only be two other Pisces Full Moons that Neptune will conjunct – one in 2017 and one in 2024.

At the heart of the magic in the sky is this: within you and around you, everything is shifting, at a whole new level and on a massive scale. You’re on an edge – and so is our world. That edge won’t be disappearing as this Full Moon wanes. For today’s Full Moon is your initiation into the time of unraveling the old reality, and the reweaving of the new one.

super moon

Within You and Around You: Big Shift is Unfolding

The sky is showing you how close life’s polarities really are. Beginnings and endings, breakdown and breakthrough are as close as in-breaths and out-breaths. They’re the two pulses of one breath. With six planets either leaving or entering the most Piscean degree of every sign in the zodiac– degree 29, the last, critical degree where one reality changes into another – you too are being breathed in and breathed out.

• Jupiter, the Cosmic Blessing Giver, is only three degrees away from the first degree of Virgo. You’re beginning a new cycle of tapping grace and abundance. For the next year, “going Virgo” is the way you do it.

• Saturn, the Cosmic Manifestor, is on the threshold of 29 Scorpio, bringing a nearly three-year process of deep shadow and core transformation work to an end.

• Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, has just moved through 29 Virgo and 0 Libra, the Equinox Degree where reality shifts. In just three weeks, Mercury will begin his final 2015 retrograde, and when it ends, he’ll be back at the Equinox Point. A seven-week re-think of relationships is already underway – between all the polarities of your life, including those between the visible and invisible worlds.

• Black Moon Lilith, and her wild, primal feminine energy, has just left the last degree of Virgo and is now in 0 Libra. You’re beginning a new chapter in your understanding of her relationship to your life.

• The Moon’s North Node, our evolutionary GPS, is also about to cross the dynamism of the Equinox Point, before heading into 29 Virgo. As the Node conjuncts both Mercury and Lilith in the days ahead, they’ll receive an evolutionary re-calibration from the Node, which carries the most auspicious energy in the sky – the way forward.

• The New Venus and Mars, now vibrant morning stars, are just two days away from the second of their auspicious three conjunctions this year. On September 1, the Cosmic Lovers will seed a new beginning in love, creativity, and abundance in Leo, the sign of the heart. Two days later, the once-a-year confrontation between Jupiter and Neptune will bring about a reckoning of confidence with inspiration, and of faith with empathic knowing.

• From the outer edge of the solar system, Eris, the Cosmic Truth Teller, is aligning with Persephone, the goddess asteroid who carries the innocent young feminine who has a destiny she’s never even dreamed of. By the solar eclipse that’s just two weeks away, their conjunction – and the new beginning in their relationship in your life — will be nearly exact. Within you and around you, the fierce, truth-telling feminine is about to begin a new journey, towards a life-transforming destiny.

Realignment Time: The September Eclipse Season

In the days and weeks ahead, these new beginnings will cascade into your life through an eclipse field that goes live today and remains active into mid-October.

• The Virgo solar eclipse on September 13 will be the first in this degree since 1700, the year that Protestant Europe began using the Gregorian calendar. After this 250-year pause, the September eclipse will be followed by three more in the same degree between now and 2072. The upcoming solar eclipse is seeding the future.

• The last of four consecutive total lunar eclipses on September 28, on the other hand, will be all about endings – with the Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith and the Moon conjunct the most karmic degree in the sky, the South Node.

Preparing for Shift

Here’s how you can ready yourself for the deep, profound, radical shift that’s coming:

• Enter the Oneness. Create a container – of tine, space, energy, and awareness – to turn away from the pressure of the mundane and listen to the life-renewing secrets the Cosmos is whispering to your heart and your soul.

• Ground in the earth. Feel into your body. Connect with the Earth. Drink water. Sleep.

• Feel. In the weeks ahead, we’re moving into a much more fiery, earthy sky. Let the waters of your emotions sink deep.

• Live one moment at a time, as completely as you can. The depth and scale of shift that’s occurring is too much to process all at once, or even quickly. Keep your focus on what’s happening now. Notice as much of each moment as you can. Taste the now. See this moment. Feel its touch on your skin and its presence in your heart.

COMING SOON: A New Circle of Cosmic Support for the Shift

I’m preparing for the shifts as well. The massive changes ahead are what’s called me to envision a new Circle of support — where the information you need to understand the rapidly changing realities ahead can be accessed and integrated on an ongoing, as-needed basis. Your rich, deep responses have been so helpful as I’ve begun to bring this vision into form, and I’m excited about sharing it with you. Watch your inbox!

In the meantime, I’m offering a special reading focusing on the shifts beginning now and continuing throughout the coming year:

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Where in your life, and with what unique challenges and gifts, is:

• Jupiter bringing you grounded, focused blessing and abundance?

• The re-born Venus bringing her new dream of Love into your life?

• Mercury re-thinking your life’s most important relationships?

• The Virgo Solar Eclipse seeding your life with the future?

• Black Moon Lilith transforming your experience of her wild, primordial feminine energy?

• Luna’s North Node bringing a dynamic evolutionary re-set?

• Saturn beginning a two-year push to live your truth and make your vision real as never before?


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May the transformative power of these times bless you in every way!

With love,
Marcia (aka Star Sister)


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