Self Talk – Self Care

I am the only one in the household for 4½ days – BLISS – Yes!!!
One of my biggest pleasures is talking to myself out loud – now, I didn’t realize this until I started participating in shared housing – I Love, Love, Love talking out loud to myself.

Thinking back on when I started this practice was when I was in AA recovery and part of my program was to tell myself in the mirror…I love you…and that I was beautiful. Hence, the practice of self talk was launched.

self talk3

Then when I started getting in touch with my inner child, there was more encouragement to talk to her – so self talking has been a part of my life for years, as I have 29 years of sobriety.

With that said – I am walking around for 4½ days blissfully talking to myself…the simple pleasures of life are the best…I Celebrate Life!!!!


5 responses to “Self Talk – Self Care

  1. Hooray! 4.5 days of Bliss! with Warmest Aloha hugs, Ginger



  2. When you talk to yourself it can be enjoyable, at least there will be no one having a difference of opinion.So talk away, it’s a step in the right direction. 🙂


  3. Enjoy the spaciousness! ♥


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