When Should a Beauty Salon be Called Something Else

Every three months or so I go get a haircut, whether I need it or not…giggles. I wear my hair very short with a “designer” cut, with that said three months is a true grow out for a hairdresser…sigh!!!!!

Then…there is my budget that raises it head, also with a sigh, when my thoughts turn to a haircut. It is like…what am I willing to give up for this luxury of a hair cut…in a “beauty salon” ….my budget says “other people have long hair, what’s your deal”….so, past three months we extend the hair cut thinking we could “do” longer hair.

The morning of decision arrives at that point of no return…a hair cut it is and the phone is dialed and an appointment is made…ugh!!!! ….sigh!!!!!

Knowing the first words from the “beautician”, geez been a long time, my response with been very busy. Take my pictures in to remind her what I want to look like when she is done, I out grew my or should say her “lines” so only pictures help…sigh…giggles

The “tude” (short for attitude) has formed in full swing and try all my one liners and my sending her mental “I love you’s” to soften her tude, she isn’t buying any of it and finally she is done and I have been fully chastised for my not keeping my appointments to every 6 weeks, keeping her “line” in place. Pay with tip included and still sending I love you’s, with out loud thank you’s, you are appreciated…

You say…find a new hairdresser…I have tried and they were worse with the hair cut, and what I go in for is the hair cut, so I settle for the hair cut and realize I am just not going to get to “feel” the beauty when I walk out…that depends on me to give myself…Sooo…out to the car I go and pull down my car mirror right away and tell myself…you are so beautiful and I love you inside and out…thank you for being you!!!!!!

I still think they need to call it something other than a beauty salon, so you hairdressers out there…think about this when you are interacting with your customers…make them “feel” beautiful also…I love you, I love you, I love you

Anyway, I am now good to go for at least three month and this will…wash and repeat…giggles
beauty salon


4 responses to “When Should a Beauty Salon be Called Something Else

  1. ROFL!



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