Today’s Solar Eclipse and Your Life’s Big Shift

You’re in the most potent of energy fields –- the deep and fertile void. It’s the Dark Moon, hours before the most potent of New Moons, a solar eclipse. Deep beneath the surface, old, outworn patterns are dissolving and new ones are beginning to form. When Luna moves between the Earth and the Sun at 6:41 UTC (12:42 Eastern Time in the US), she’ll interrupt the normal flow of life-giving stellar energy to our planet. The seed she’s carrying will embed itself in the deepest levels of your being.

Eclipses are times of profound energetic re-set. Today, the reboot comes through the ancient, timeless frequencies of the Virgin Goddess. Whole and complete in herself, the Virgin is the multidimensional energy who re-aligns the cosmic and the mundane. Her spiritual medicine is grounded and real. Moment by moment, step by step, and breath by breath, she makes life new again – within you, around you, and through you.

The great unraveling & re-weaving of reality is underway

What begins today can shift your reality in ways that are profound and dramatic. Like me, you’re being asked to take up the great project of our times – the re-weaving of the Cosmic Mystery and its magic into every detail of your daily life.

In response to this reality-shifting invitation from the Cosmos, I’m doing something new. I hope you’ll join me at 8 pm Wednesday for a live call where we’ll take a deeper look at the unprecedented opportunities and challenges before you in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Look for a sign-up email later today.

Profound & dramatic shift: the signature of today’s eclipse

While today’s eclipse isn’t a total one, its signature patterns tell us that it’s nonetheless extraordinary:

• Today’s new beginning brings ancient energy into the present to seed the future. Eclipses occur in series that unfold over long periods of time, called Saros cycles. The eclipse that’s creating a new seed beneath the surface of your life today belongs to a cycle that began over a thousand years ago, in 1065. Though it’s been 744 years since this degree was activated by a solar eclipse in 1271, the next six decades will see two more eclipses here. One will be in 2053 and the other in 2072. The issues that are surfacing aren’t only personal ones. The unraveling and re-weaving that’s accelerating today is also cultural and ancestral.

• A nearly exact conjunction between the Sun, the Moon, and the goddess asteroid Isis begins a new relationship in both your heart and your emotional reality with the great goddess whose life-restoring feminine magic raised the dead — just two months since the Sun aligned with Isis’ star Sirius, the brightest in the sky, and illuminated the fathomless depths of Pluto, the Cosmic Transformer.

• With a direct confrontation with Chiron, the zodiac’s wounded healer, the eclipse Sun-Moon-Isis activates the possibility – and the necessity – of healing emotional wounds rooted in the hierarchies of “superiority” and “inferiority” at the heart of our dying culture of domination. To Virgo, the sign of all that is “common,” the Cosmic Healer brings the Piscean recognition that every being on our planet is a microcosm of the Great Mystery.

You may find that patterns of shame, invisibility, inadequacy, and discounting are surfacing. If they are, it’s a sign they’re ready to be released with compassion. Surrendering the patterns that have kept you separated from the currents of Love that hold the Universe – and your life — together, you can accept at a deeper levels than ever the profoundly sacred reality of the microcosmic expression of the Universe in every detail of your life.
• Mercury and Venus are deepening your understanding of the relationship between your heart’s truth and the way you perceive, understand, communicate, and relate. Mercury is the ruler of today’s eclipse – and he’s only a degree away from the point where he’ll dive into the invisible sky in just five days to re-think your relationships – with other people, with your own heart, and with the Great Mystery at the heart of life.

The Messenger is in Venus’ sign, and the re-born Queen of Heaven is the energy behind the scenes at this eclipse. This is the first New Moon since she bought her journey of death and rebirth to an end and returned to the surface of your life with a new dream of love. Today’s eclipse is likely to remove from your life what’s no longer aligned with your heart’s inner truth.

You’re still integrating all that you experienced during Venus’ journey of death and rebirth over the last seven weeks — and you will be until she leaves in her retrograde territory on October 5. The Virgo medicine of adjustment, re-adjustment, tuning, and refining will guide you as you unravel and re-weave the truth of your heart into your life, more deeply than ever.

• The eclipse re-calibrates our evolutionary direction, the Moon’s North Node, with the immense cosmic creativity of an enormous cluster of galaxies (including our own Milky Way) rotating around what is known as the Super Galactic Center. Just last year we discovered that this power zone is part of an even larger system named Laniakea, Hawaiian for “immeasurable heaven.”

Crossing this vast zone of evolutionary energy, the North Node is recalibrating your relationship with the Great Mystery at the heart of life, in a profound and life-altering way. Today’s solar eclipse and the total lunar eclipse in Aries on September 28 are infused with this consciousness-expanding energy.

You’re stepping into an evolutionary portal.

Although the North Node has been moving across the Super Galactic Center since late June, September brings conjunctions with both the Sun and Black Moon Lilith – the brightest and darkest energies in your reality — in the live energy of this month’s eclipse field.

Countdown to the Big Shift

On September 17, in the still-live energy field of today’s eclipse, a massive, three-part energetic shift will unfold:

• Mercury will begin his final retrograde of 2015 in Venus’ sign of Libra, re-thinking all your relationships – including those with your own heart’s truth and with life itself.

• Saturn will leave Scorpio for a more than two-year journey through the truth-seeking sign of Sagittarius, bringing a pressure to live your truth that you haven’t felt since 1986 and 1987.

• Jupiter will oppose Neptune, beginning a process of reintegrating the three-dimensional world and the invisible realities of grace, blessing, and mystery that our culture has long excluded from what we’ve learned to call “reality.”

Each of these shifts will powerfully reinforce the others, catapulting you into a new reality. What’s unfolding is big. It’s complex. And it’s powerful. I hope you’ll join me on September 16 as we turn to face the times we took birth for. If you can’t join at 8 pm EDT, the call will be recorded, so sign up when you receive an email from me this afternoon (link is below). I can’t wait to speak to you live!

May they bless you in every way.

With love,
Marcia (aka Star Sister)

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3 responses to “Today’s Solar Eclipse and Your Life’s Big Shift

  1. Amazing forecast! I knew there was a reason I woke up at 3 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. Eclipse is less than an hour away now. Thanks for the heads up Sister. Much love, Alia


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