Star Sister Astrology Link for Wednesday Call

The Cosmic Circe in the Time of Shift

Just in case you didn’t see my first message …..

I sent out an email over the weekend about my free call this Wednesday at 8 pm EDT (New York Time). In case you missed it ….

We are going to gather as a community and talk about the life-changing astrology that is happening now.

The Cosmic Circle: Grounding the Shift and Re-Weaving Reality

The circle is the ancient evolutionary space that nourishes life.
It’s time to circle up!

Please go here to sign in and receive the free-call details:
(if the link doesn’t work, just copy and paste)

For guidance on navigating the Big Shift in the days, weeks, and months ahead, please join me and your Star Sisters at 8 pm EDT (New York time) on Wednesday, September 16, for this FREE CALL, “The Cosmic Circle in the Time of Shift.”

The call will be recorded if you can’t join us — or if you’d like to listen more than once.

I can’t wait to be on live with you!

Marcia (aka Star Sister)

PS: Click THIS LINK to sign up to receive the LOGIN information for my call on Wed. September 16th. (this includes the replay link)

happy shift


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