Love Yourself by Archangels and Devas

love yourself
I am sending this just as she wrote it…it speaks exactly as my heart feels and resonates with…it couldn’t be said any better, have a I Love You day…Spiritdancing

Today I was sitting outside on the verandah and enjoying the sun and the birds and the pure pleasure of being so close to nature. I heard my Highest Consciousness whisper… “Go fetch a pen and some paper…” And so I did, and it is these precious words of love and wisdom that I would like to share with you this day.

Be IN LOVE and at ease with everything in your Universe My Darling. Resist nothing. Fight against nothing.

It matters not how muddy the waters. Swim anyway and enjoy the refreshment the waters will bring you. In so doing you clear the waters so that they may sparkle once again in their original glory.

Be the Light My Love. There is no greater gift than being your precious Self. Do not deny yourself this pleasure or any other little pleasure that life presents to you.

Look past the seemingly “imperfections” and see only the Light of Love that exists in all living things.

All of life is Love made manifest in your World. It is through you that I am experiencing life. Therefore you are My Life, as I AM yours.

There is Love in all things and in every situation, in every circumstance, there is a blessing.

Ask yourself today “What is life presenting me with today?” and then let Love answer.

Find Joy in everything. Let Nature be your teacher. The flowers bloom regardless of rain or shine and the birds chatter happily and enjoy each given day regardless of whether a storm approaches. Yes, they know, the grey skies are only temporary for above the grey clouds, the Sun still shines.

Love is infectious. Let your Love shine Beloved. Let it reach far into the corners where there may still be some shadows.

Never let a moment go by where there is an opportunity to express your Love. Love is the nature of the Universe, the nature of God. Love is God expressed.

I love you, I love you, I love you!

Can you feel it?

Let nothing stop you, let nothing get in the way of your doing that which you love. Love will always find a way.

Love is and always will be All That IS.

We leave you with our Love and our absolute Blessing!

~ Namasté ♥

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