Inner Child Food Play Day

About three months ago I carved myself out a very detailed health routine which I have followed to the letter, with that said, I give myself one day a week off from that routine, today happened to be that day…AND my inner child said I want something really good and oooy and gooy good, from brunch to dessert. Now on my day off I still follow my healthy eating habits, I just don’t time everything and I snack etc.

So I started a dialogue with Misi, that is my inner child’s name, and she said for three months I haven’t had one of my favorite foods, not one…and she sort of stomped her feet…giggle…so off to the store we went, thank gawd she didn’t insist on a fast food place, I found dessert first…I knew that would make her happy, they (sprouts farmers market) had flax muffins(GMO free, Gluten Free, no preservatives, no trans fat, no dairy, no hydrogenated fat, AND aluminum free baking powder…now this company knows their stuff…I got the chunky chocolate chip…and when we got home they were/are delicious…I mean really, really good, and not just because I hadn’t had anything like this for three months…I mean REALLY good…thank you, thank you, thank you Sprouts.

So yes, we had dessert first, we had one muffin and fresh beet drink that sprouts make fresh. Then I fixed a mashed potato medley, I don’t have a “kitchen” so I make do with miscellaneous appliances, of which one of them is an electric rice bowl, I bought organic instant potatoes, used structured water, coconut milk, grass fed organic butter to make the potatoes; added green onion chives, organic canned corn, garlic, dill weed, ginger, longhorn cheese, and ham with no nitrates and no hormones etc.

Misi and I sat down and savored every bite…going mmmm, mmmm, gee this is good…thank you, thank you, thank you, she was skipping around and just having a ball, her favorite beverage of choice for a carbonated drink is/was Dr. Pepper, and of course she NEVER gets that anymore, but her second choice is Sambazon Acai Berry Energy Drink, which she does get from time to time, it is $2.89 a can so just special times she is awarded this privilege, it is fizzy and it tickles her nose…she loves it!!!!

So Misi and I had a wonderful day off from the health routine and loved, loved it very much and we are both here with big smiles and grateful hearts and we still stayed within the healthy eating boundaries…even tho I gave myself permission not to stay in the boundaries…amazing how that works…AND a big shout out to the companies that make/made this possible and the stores that carry it for us.

inner child


8 responses to “Inner Child Food Play Day

  1. The potatoes sound yummy, I didnt know that Baking Powder had aluminium in it, interesting.


    • yes, baking powder and baking soda are known to have aluminum, you always want to purchase aluminum free, which isn’t arm and hammer…:) and the bake goods you purchase at the grocery store etc of course usually are not aluminum free unless they state that…AND the potatoes were to “live for”…out of this world

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  2. Your post is interesting and witty. Thank you.:)


  3. What a GREAT idea to name your inner voice! And again, thanks for passing along more wisdom…Love It! 🙂


  4. Oh how I’ve missed you! This is your old pal Heather Holle and I miss all your old time bear friend stories and all our great times… so blessed to have found you again and so happy to hear you’re even more fun today!!! Much love friend!


    • Soooo…good to hear from you…Charlie and Fam is in storage and I can’t find him, so he is having playtime in the “dark”…giggles. and i still have Subi and he is still my main dude…he has been the best car for me, tell Dave that i am so glad i listened to him…keep in touch…have fun!!!!!


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