Morning Sun Could Be Body Sliming

There are many theories and studies done on when is the best time to exercise, however, when I heard about the study done on getting exposed to sunshine in the morning, this was a new one to me.

They are claiming that getting exposed to sunshine in the morning is significant to staying slim; morning light exposure leads to lower body mass index. The study showed that the optimal time to get necessary sun exposure is between 8am and noon, and even just 20 to 30 minutes of light can make a difference. So get a 20 minute walk, run or even just sitting in the sun can charge your natural batteries for the rest of the day to help you stay in shape.

Here where I am living in California we get lots of sun, so every morning I take my morning “coffee, tea or/and me” out in the sun and charge my batteries, I really do think I feel better, also, I get to make nice with the birds, butterflies, trees and neighbors…all in all it is a good time…try it, it may work for you also…have fun!!!!

exercise in morning


12 responses to “Morning Sun Could Be Body Sliming

  1. Cheap and natural way of slimming! Will definitely give it a try after the haze has cleared 🙂


  2. Thank you, it’s a good advice, but where I live the sun does not shine that often.:)


  3. I’m a sunrise, morning person,,,it really is my favorite time of day!! ☀️☕️


  4. Interesting!


  5. How Lovely! Love, Ginger



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