Fall and Winter Energy Boost

energy boost

It is that time of the year when we need that boost energy as the sun doesn’t shine as much and so our batteries can get run down…to the rescue is our essential oils…YEA!!!! Simple and easy, no highs and then drops to the lows…just even with a healthy boost.

Take your orange and peppermint essential oils and put them in a diffuser, you only need a couple drops of each and let the diffuser run for 30 minutes or so, my diffuser is automatic and goes for four hours…and that works for me as I don’t have to remember to turn it off.

Out and about and the slump hits, have a mixture in your purse and/or pocket to roll on inhale, or you can even just have the bottles with you and inhale each bottle, instant get up and go, and I find it even clears my head of those afternoon foggies I get some time.

Just so you know what you are sniffing, here is what benefits each oil has, of course there are other benefits of both of them, but we are talking about an energy boost here…giggle

Wild Orange: Is known to be beneficial to the mind and emotions and can elevate both, to where you have the feeling of well being, it can boost your creativity and improve your mental clarity.

Peppermint: Can create a soothing feeling, which gives a crisp awake feeling, it is from the menthol family of plants and can release many kinds of discomforts, such as stress, depression, mental exhaustion, anxiety to name a few.

With these two mixed together they can give you that boost you need anytime and anywhere, just for inhaling and you are good to go.
This has nothing to do with essential oils, but another thing I found to do a quick “wake-up” is to pull on your earlobe a couple times and it will tend to bring you around to more awake…have fun!!!!

energy cat


10 responses to “Fall and Winter Energy Boost

  1. I should have done this in the winter, but now its spring and I have more energy


  2. I really like this idea! I will have to get this! Is it easy to find?


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