Structured Water For Health, Mental and Spiritual Well-Being

structured water demo

I have been using structured water for a year or so now and love it; it has made a difference inside and outside of my body. We have all probably heard references to our body consisting of about two thirds water. Obviously then, consuming the highest quality water is of utmost importance in regards to maintaining vibrant health and raising our consciousness.

Yes, I did say raising our consciousness, as when I spray my room AND the house area, it noticeably raises the joy and positive vibes in the house and my room. This would be considered raising your consciousness.

So, imagine what this would do if we drink this water, and bath in this water and water our gardens and yards…natural miracles that is what!!!!

What is structured water? When you go to a mountain stream and the water flows over the rocks…that structures it to the original consistency that God intended for it to be, and now there is a device you can get for your house, garden, pool and spa.

When the water is run thru the device it is structured and it takes all of the toxins out of it and charges it with oxygen, Ion free and free of negative memories (toxins). When oxygen is added to the water, it sometimes is known as “living-water” or “water with life-force.”

Like a battery, water also needs to be charged to restore the natural crystal structure and vitality. The end result is pH neutral, pure, crystalline structured water.

The plastic bottle craze is coming to its end as more and more people are becoming aware of the toxins that are leached from these plastic bottles and are hazardous to our health. AND, adding to our pollution issue with the mass amount of bottles in our landfills.

Join me in supporting consuming structured water because of its ability to improve the delivery of oxygen to our cells, the removal of waste in the extracellular environment and because of it’s pH neutrality. Just as nature’s purest rainwater is pH neutral and that fact that our body tries to always maintain neutral pH, structured water aligns nicely with the natural order of a neutral pH. Structured water, which is the way nature prefers her waters to be, may also partly attribute to the healing powers of fruits and vegetables in their raw, organic state.

Once you do your research on structured water you will be amazed what it will do for your physical and mental health…take the structured water challenge…giggles!!!!

The link below is a website that will give you all the studies, tests, and case histories regarding structured water, also if you would like to hear my testimony and/or ask questions I love to talk about this amazing device and what it has done for me.

Here is the website and unit that I have…

Structured or unstructured

ps: I tried to enlarge this but couldn’t, but found on my ipad and phone i could manage to enlarge it, but not on the laptop. Techie people maybe able to figure that out on a laptop, but not me so much…giggles


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