Structured Water vs Unstructured Water

structured water demo

The chart that was at the end of the posting yesterday on structured water was just not clear, so i have typed it out so you can read it…enjoy!!!


Removes and prevents scale problems

Water delivers nutrients and oxygen more

A source of living energy to cells

Healthy water is energetically charged (EC)

High solubility – the ability for products to
dissolve in the water

Hydrogen bond angle is perfectly balanced

Creates better cellular oxygen absorption
with a higher pH

Improves taste

Water is wetter for better absorption and

Delivers nutrients and flushes toxins on a
cellular level

Refreshing taste of spring water


Can cause major scaling

High surface tension – resists natural cell absorption
and dehydration problems

Low solvent absorption

Energetically dead or “flat” when tested

Does not aid in proper hydration for humans or animals

Contains pollutants and bacterial matter

Typically acidic and not helpful to health


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