Thymus Thumping…Turn Back Your Biological Clock

Diagram showing the position of the thymus gland

Thumping your thymus is a method of gently tapping on the thymus gland to create vibrations that stimulates an increase in the maturation and release of white blood cells.

The medical assumption is that the thymus shrinks from puberty onwards as its main role is completed during the childhood years. The main function of the thymus gland is to train immature T cells that are produced in the red bone marrow to become mature T cells that attack only foreign cells. With further research by other resources it has been discovered it is a very useful gland past puberty.

The Thymus also shrinks after puberty because of inaction, and it has been found that if you activate it, it will work in conjunction with our immune system and helps it to perform the way it should.

The thymus also balances our hormones and all of those systems; it is a very important organ and plays a foundational roll in our health and aging.

The Thymus can be tested to see what our biological age is, and the great thing about knowing this is that if you activate the Thymus you can actually reverse your biological age.

With all of this said…how do you activate it…

Locate the Thymus as per the photo above and start thumping (Using your fingertips or side of your fist, tap up and down about 2-3 inches along your sternum, between and above your mammary glands) by taking a couple deep breaths and I like to do belly laughs because your body and being respond well with laughing; another thing you could do is say I love you over and over again out loud. I always do this first thing in the morning and any time during the day if I have a tension moment for at least 15-20 seconds, but longer if you can. If you find yourself with a cold or any other kind of under the weather situation be sure and double up on the thumping and you will recover much quicker.

I did thymus thumping and laughter when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, every time the thought of being ill crossed my mind I would go in the rest room at work and thymus thump and laugh, and then visualize pacmen were eating the cancer, I also watched comedy videos constantly when I was home and never watched the news. I asked the doctor to give me three months before scheduling the surgery and she did. I went to work and also told all of my friends and family the diagnosis, and said the subject was closed and I wouldn’t be talking about it again. When I went back to the doctor in three months there was no sign of cancer. It really works if you work it…giggles


17 responses to “Thymus Thumping…Turn Back Your Biological Clock

  1. How WONDERFUL about your cancer disappearing!!! XOXOXOXO


  2. Wow! I’m going to try this!


  3. WOW! This is so truly amazing. I’m extremely thankful it worked…no surgery…fantastic! Can only a doctor test our thymus? How is that done…have you had it done? Here’s more HUUUUUUGS, LAUGHTER, and LOVE coming your way! xoxo


    • goes to answer your questions…a traditional medical doctor would not usually honor that request…but if you found a good alternative doctor they could do that…no, I have not done it, the test…I just know mine is active because I thymus thump…:) if you haven’t been doing thymus thumping, yours would not be very active and the older you are the more inactive it will be. So get busy thymus thumping…giggles

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  4. Wow! This is better than doctor’s prescription! Thanks for sharing! 😃

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  5. Wow, it amazing how simple things can be life saver


    • That is very true, the key is for us to take an active part in our own health and not seek the quick fix and/or pill, it does take time…but oh so worth it!!!! Thanks for commenting!!!!! Have fun…


      • Hi again…I found several utube demonstrations — Thanks again for making me aware of this wonderful simple method! Can’t help but wonder why it’s not common knowledge and why I haven’t heard of it.


      • Yea!!! Another researcher of truth has been born…:) thanks for the YouTube links, and to answer your question…we have been taught to follow the instruction of the medical doctors etc…and how would they make their big bucks if we took care of ourselves…:) those of us that take the responsibility for our health and well being are in constant research of those that have gone before us to learn these things and then share them on blogs etc to teach others…so see you have grabbed the baton and are teaching by finding and sharing the youtubes…good work!!!!

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