Looking For Something Special…


Daily meanderings

Do you ever wake up in the morning and you feel like there is something that is going to happen that is absolutely huge, you go like…what is it?…and there just isn’t an answer…so, on with your day you go and little things will come up and you would think, I wonder if that was it…

Well, today was one of those days, and here I am at sunset and that big aha moment still hasn’t surfaced, so all I can say is maybe it was just the seed of the something huge that was planted and now it has to germinate and then grow…what happened with instant gratification…oh, yah…it left when recovery stepped in…giggles.

Aha, yes, those were the days of instant gratification, however, I wouldn’t trade one of those days for my days today of peace, love, gratitude and joy that I have now almost on a daily basis.

Perfect example is what has happened for me in my daily living in the shared housing I am at…since I have been here she wants my door open so the dogs can come in my room and she doesn’t have to entertain them, I do. Well, I put out a plea and intention to my angels that I really wanted to have my door shut so could have privacy to listen to my webinars that I want, meditate the way I want, chant if I want, say declaration out loud if I want, talk on the phone out loud if I want etc etc…

My request was heard and I now have my door shut, and I love it…all of my created space stays in my room with my essential oil diffusing and my meditating etc and I get to bask in it without it flowing to other parts of the house, of course that was a good thing also, as it is always nice to bless others with good vibes….giggles

Now I am on all the webinars I want and have accepted some interviews on radio shows and started participating on radio shows and conference calls again, and who knows maybe I will start my own radio show up again…this is absolute bliss…even tho I am in a small space it is now mine and I fill it full with bliss just for me…my own special sanctuary.

Fall has shown up here in Southern California and I am really loving the warm days and cool nights, having my morning coffee on the porch and the birds are singing there delight full songs of joy…I found a station that changed Enya to 432hz so I also listen to her list of favorites…I have a link to it on my home page so you can listen also…her music feeds my soul.

Have a stupendous week and go find some delights and joy to add to your days…


4 responses to “Looking For Something Special…

  1. Halellujah! The new energies seem to support nearly instant creation from our thoughts. Good for you! Love it! ♥


  2. Sounds heavenly!! 🙂


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