Essential Oils and Air Freshners

room spray

Everywhere we turn in our environment it is full of toxins and chemicals, and it is our job to become familiar with all of these unnecessary ingredients that are part of our life, the question is…why not make your own out of natural healthy ingredients…like air fresheners and sprays, yes…the ones bought commercially are full of toxins and chemicals.

Here is the recipe for one:

5 drops of Orange Essential Oil
3 drops of Ginger Essential Oil
4 to 6 ounces of Water
Add all ingredients into a spray bottle and shake well.

You can also use this same essential oil combination in other things like hand cream/body lotion that is unscented or with complimentary scents with ginger and orange.

The advantages of Ginger is that it is warm and energizing, just smelling it can ease an upset stomach, nausea, motion sickness and morning sickness. It is also known to sooth arthritis and other physical discomforts.

The advantages of Orange is that it is uplifting and cheery, it makes a great tonic and boosts the immune and lymphatic systems, can help acne and oily skin.

So the air freshener can do so much more that just freshen the odor of a space, and without damaging chemicals to effect humans and/or pets.

It is getting close to the gift giving holidays and this would be a nice gift for male, female even young people possibly in college at the dorm, or office gifts…get some decorative glass spray bottles and make some creative decorative tags with string, ribbon etc…the ideas are endless and it could introduce someone you care about to the advantages of using essential oils and the new healthy side of living.

room spray4


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