Rosemary Essential Oil for Memory and More

Rosemary oil memory

Rosemary is known as an amazing herb that has many purposes. Alternative medicine has been using its leaves for centuries.

Research has found rosemary to contain carnosic acid, which fights off free radical damage to the brain. The natural acids in rosemary aid in protecting the body’s cells and DNA from free radical damage.

Several tests were done with rosemary essential oil, and they found that the oil increased the chances of remembering future tasks by 60 – 75%, when compared to people who weren’t exposed to the oil.

It is said that individuals who inhaled rosemary extract before performing certain tasks, tested more positive with stress levels, mood, speed and accuracy.

Modern-day herbal medicine uses it as a mild painkiller, and for migraines and digestive problems, the following are more issues that are improved by the use of Rosemary Essential Oil.

Improves memory
Thickens hair
Improves hair growth
Liver detox
Gallbladder function
Aid indigestion
Sooth sore muscles and joints
Controls blood pressure

rosemary oil benefits


6 responses to “Rosemary Essential Oil for Memory and More

  1. Thank you, it is indeed a very useful post. 🙂


  2. Thank you that’s useful since ahem I have a goldfish memory


  3. In addition to the above uses, we found Rosemary oil very effective for keeping mosquitoes at bay (especially during the night) and local argan oil was effective for soothing the bites from the ones that got to us anyway.


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