New Moon and 11:11 November 11th

11 11

Here is the newsletter from my favorite astrologer and what she has to say about this new moon and the 11/11 day of November, and of course more…Enjoy!!!!


Greetings, love,

Before you read any further, take just a moment to breathe in the frequencies of this 11:11 gateway. Let each breath slow everything down a little more, and further still. Life-changing energy has just been seeded deep within you. Feel the presence of its hidden, transformative power at the core of your being.

This is the phoenix power that rises from the ashes of all the fires that have ever died within you. Whatever your gender, this is what your innocence, known as Persephone to the ancients, can transform into — a queen who carries the life-renewing mysteries of metamorphosis in her heart.

It’s here that Osiris – the sacred, beloved masculine within you who’s been killed by the forces of jealousy, competition, and greed — stirs beneath Isis’ sacred feminine touch, and rises from the dead.

This is where the Sun and the Moon have just completed their sacred marriage in Scorpio, in a degree of the sky whose energy can change you forever:

“A woman parting the curtains that close off the entrance to a sacred pathway.”

Parting the curtains within you

It’s not your heroic, masculine energy who’s being invited to part the curtains today. this is the part of us that thinks it already knows all about the sacred path — and probably believes it’s already walking it. It’s your inner, feminine — receptive, intuitive, and emotional — who’s open to the revelation of a deeper mystery than you’ve yet dreamed of.

Whatever you do today, listen to this part of yourself. Allow her to part the curtains — in her own timing and in her own way. Trust her.

The pointing finger of your 11:11 message

In this 11:11 New Moon energy field, over half the planetary energy in the sky is linked through a rare and not easily understandable pattern. Its very name — the Finger of God — evokes its power to align us with the Cosmos. The way to that alignment is full of paradox. Within you and around you, it’s the riddle that unlocks the connection between the sacred path and the rest of your life.

Every yod is a long, narrow triangle connecting three energies that don’t speak the same language. Today, those three are the conjoined Sun-Moon, Jupiter the Blessing Giver, and Uranus the Liberator. By their very nature, the Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus are kindred spirits. Normally they resonate easily. Today, not so much. You might be discovering them in the conversations you’re having today – with others, with yourself, or with life – that are frustrating. Don’t despair! That frustration is a very good sign you’re in the midst of a potentially reality-changing dynamic.

It’s easy for energies in Scorpio, like today’s Sun and Moon, and in Virgo, like Jupiter, to understand each other. Earth is a container for life-nourishing water, and hard-working Virgo is a natural receiver of Scorpio’s passionate intensity.

Uranus, however, is the odd one out in this triangle. In the impulsive, intuitive energy of Aries, he’s not comprehending the Scorpio-Virgo language of focus and will. His “just do it now” urgency is definitely meeting resistance. Until these energies can connect, you’re out of synch with the cosmic direction. The alignment you’re seeking will take some persistence, patience, and flexibility.

Uranus is at the pointing end of this cosmic finger. As the focal point of the New Moon yod, he’s the one who can deliver today’s power into your life.

In Aries, the Cosmic Liberator all about one thing — breakthrough into brand-new territory. Here’s the symbol for the energy he’s carrying from November 6 through 22: “An empty hammock stretched between two trees.” This is not a symbol that has a thing to do with the schedules, the flow charts, or the protocols that drive so much of our lives. It’s about something completely different — living according to the rhythm of the life that flows within you in a way that’s as unique as you are.

Flowing with your own rhythm is what will take you onto your sacred path. Nurturing that rhythm in the grounded ways that help you see the cosmic order in each microcosmic moment of your life is what will support your ability to take groundbreaking action.

Otherwise, you’re likely to find yourself spinning your wheels in a maelstrom of activity, feeling increasingly critical of yourself and others (here’s looking at you, Jupiter in Virgo) — driven by the intensity of old energetic baggage (got your number, Sun-Moon in Scorpio). Over the coming days, as Mercury reaches a strong, flowing trine with the Cosmic Healer, Chiron, it will be easier to see outworn patterns of perceiving and thinking that you can shed now — and the new ones that can guide you down your sacred path.

Energy Shifts: Time for Living Tai Chi-style

We’re moving into an accelerating trajectory of shifting energy in the coming days and weeks — and today brings a taste of it. The way you take action and in the direction that leads forward are both changing, as Mars and the Moon’s North Node – our evolutionary GPS – exchange places in the sky. Mars leaves Virgo and enters Libra, the North Node (which moves backwards through the zodiac) leaves Libra and enters Virgo.

Your action is about to be much more relationship-focused – and the way forward is much more about aligning each moment of your life with a sacred order. With Uranus in Aries, and a building Saturn-Neptune square, this means making an in-the-moment flexibility your core practice in the weeks ahead.

Nurturing the beginning: the week ahead

At every New Moon, the inner and outer Cosmos are energetically pregnant with a new energy pattern. Over the next week, your primary energetic task is nurturing the new seed as it builds the strength it needs to break through to the surface of your life.

* As you part the curtains and look at your sacred path, stay grounded and present in each moment – and go for breakthrough. Remember, you’re at the entrance of your sacred path. This is a beginning.

* Connect deeply with energy of the path. The house in your birth chart where the New Moon takes place is your starting point. Is it the 5th House, the zone of your joy and creativity? The 9th, the realm of your quest and your faith? The 3rd, and your patterns of feeling, thinking, and doing?

* Look to the house where Pluto is located to understand more about where you’ll need to let go of old baggage to actually step onto this path. As the ruler of Scorpio, the Cosmic Regenerator is guiding the unfolding of this seed energy.

* A week from today, when Luna reaches her First Quarter Phase, your energetic priority will change. It will be time to take action to bring the sacred path into the 3D reality of your life. Right action can be small or large. What will define it is this: it will deliver the grounded, focused commitment to your desire to walk the path in a groundbreaking, iconoclastic way — your way.

* A massive energy shift building throughout the first half of this lunar cycle and the next two weeks are preparation time. The day after the Gemini Full Moon Saturn will make the first of his three reality-changing squares to Neptune, officially opening what I’ve been calling the Great Unraveling. It’s going to be an extremely creative, often confusing, time of shift and flux – full of potential to support you in living your truth in ways are divinely guided and creative. Tapping that potential will depend on the strength of your inner guidance system. My Golden Path readings, described below, will give you the map to your energetic “road test.”

We’re on the adventure of lifetimes, Love. May the days and weeks ahead bring you every blessing as you move more fully and deeply than ever before into the reason you took this birth.

With love,


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5 responses to “New Moon and 11:11 November 11th

  1. Thank you for the reminder of the new moon!!!! :0)


  2. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.


  3. Oh such happy news! I feel so inspired by this! Will keep it live in my inbox for the next couple of weeks to remind myself of this extraordinary transition I am in and how it can play out for me. Synchronistically, one week from yesterday — when it becomes time for me to take action to ground the seeded energy of this new moon into my life — is the very day that I arrive back in the States to begin a new phase of my existence in this lifetime. Other events appear to be coming to fruition next week as well. No coincidence whatsoever that Tomas and I were guided to choose the date of November 18th as our flight date to return from Morocco. Blessings and love to you Dear One, Alia


    • I am so glad this resonated with you, it did with me also, I am not sure what I seeded but I do feel I will really like it…I think I picked up a mixed grab bag and I will be surprised when it gets opened…:) I am really looking forward to your and Tomas’s energy to be here, I know that is selfish of me, but I can’t help it…safe and fun journeys


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