Thanksgiving is Every Day

world peace

This post is a day or so “late” according to the standard Thanksgiving day, but then i am of the school of…thanksgiving can be any day you want…even every day if you want.  I have spent a whole adult lifetime trying to fit into the Hallmark Holidays, and now i am old enough I can be eccentric enough to do holidays my way AND be comfortable with it…:)

So today I am wishing everyone a Every Day Thanksgiving…

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12 responses to “Thanksgiving is Every Day

  1. Yes it should be any day!


  2. I agree we can have Thanksgiving any day, for all the wonderful people we meet, food we get to eat and also for our health. 🙂


  3. We dont celebrate Thanksgiving in New Zealand!


  4. Happy holiday my friend. Sent you an ecard yesterday. :0$


  5. Here’s to a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving weekend and a Happy Holiday Season to you!!!


  6. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Singapore too. 🙂 Totally agree with you, any day can be thanksgiving 🙂


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