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2015…The Year of Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Health Enlightenments

new year

When I read this, it so resonated with me and I saved it to share with you on New Year Eve as my new year wish and intention with and for you.  There may be parts that resonate with you and maybe all of it, and/or none of it; but I was lead to share it with you so here it is…Have a very blessed New Year and I will “see” you next year…giggles…2016

 The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele: December 29, 2015

Dearest friends, we come with joy and best wishes in this holiday season.

We observe some of you experiencing sadness and a bit of confusion because you are not experiencing the season as you are used to. For those of you who are feeling this way, rejoice in the understanding that your consciousness has changed and thus the holidays no longer resonate in the same way.

Since last Christmas, many of you have evolved and integrated more Light which in turn is affecting the way that you experience, understand, and live every aspect of daily living from the mundane to the most profound.

Somehow the seasonal music you loved in the past now sounds a bit tinny. Frenzied promotions for bargains of all kinds are often just plain irritating and no longer hold power over you. Some, who never noticed before, find themselves painfully aware of how commercial Christmas has become.

Everything feels different this year, but it has nothing to do with age or responsibilities. It has to do with the fact that you have become more enlightened.

Because of your increasing attention to intuition, it is now much easier to recognize a commercial intent behind the seasonal hype of nostalgia and fake sentiment. You easily see that most of it has nothing to do with the true loving essence of Christmas and everything to do with your purchasing power. You are learning to pull aside and look behind the curtain of “Oz”.

We remind you of the true meaning of Christmas and the New Year. This season is very powerful with meaning because it represents profound Truths still unrecognized by the world in general. As with all things, Truth manifests third dimensionally according to individual states of consciousness. A consensus consciousness is formed from the majority belief of individual states of consciousness.

The so called “Second Coming” as well as the birth of Christ at Christmas is actually the personal experience of awakening that awaits every individual at some point in their evolutionary journey. It refers to the birth of the Christ Consciousness within, and does not solely refer to the birth of Jesus/Jeshua 2000 years ago who attained the Christ Consciousness in its fullest while on Earth.

Gradually through many journeys, experiences, and lifetimes of struggle, the humble personal consciousness (the manger) is prepared for the baby (Truth) to be born. The Christ is always born in humble circumstances for an ego of separation consciousness is simply not open to birth the Christ Consciousness.

At first the new-born Christ Consciousness is weak and needs protection as it could easily be pushed away through fear or snuffed out by the opinions of others. A world consciousness of duality and separation is very threatened by the Light of Awareness and would like it not to appear at all, often taking actions toward this.

The new-born Christ Consciousness must be held silently and secretly within the heart until it grows ever stronger and more confident, eventually becoming a fully mature enlightened Christ Consciousness which no longer needs protection for it now knows that it is the very substance and essence of protection and that there is nothing needing protection from.

Thus follows a New Year (life) for the awakened individual – the Second Coming has arrived.

Celebrate the season with all the Love and Joy of your new-born higher awareness and you will be a blessing to everyone around you. Life is meant to be joyous, for separation is a myth – a belief having no law to support it. Embracing a deeper realization of Christmas and New Year will serve to bring Love and Joy into everything you do, all year long.


We are the Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group. Channelled by Marilyn Raffaele. December 29, 2015.

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There Is More To Avocados Than Guacamole


I love avocados and I eat them on a weekly basis, they are part of my eating programs…with that said I read the other day that there are several other benefits that avocados provide than a great nutritious food.

The seed has huge health benefits also, the seed is a great source of bioactive phytochemicals. It contains fatty acids, triterpenes, phytosterols, and glucosides from abscisic acid. The avocado seed also contains 70% of the avocado’s antioxidant content. The antioxidant phytochemicals in avocado seeds include proanthocyanidins and flavonols. The avocado seed is also considered one of the best sources of soluble fiber. In a 2013 study published in the Scientific World Journal, researchers concluded that avocado seed extract was safe and it did not show any toxicity.

So what are the health benefits of avocado seeds?

They can helps fight cancer…it has been found that extract from avocado fruit and seeds caused leukemia cells to self-destruct

There are benefits for heart disease patients…researchers also suggested that avocado seeds could offer protection against arterial plaque formation

They are a benefit for hypertension and diabetes as they help fight inflammation

Eating avocado seeds can also help with digestion. The antioxidants and fiber found in the avocado seed are beneficial for digestion.

They can strengthen the immune system as they… contain greater antioxidant levels, including procyandins and catehchins.

They helps reduce wrinkles…there are recipes for avocado facials and your high end spas use avocados in many spa treatments with great results, and now we see that the seed can even do more… Evidence shows that avocado seed oil can increase collagen in the skin, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Avocado seed oil is also used to treat acne flare-ups.

How to Extract the Avocado Seed

Cut the avocado by slicing around the pit in order to cleanly remove the seed.
Insert your knife tip into the pit, twist, and gently pull.

Finally, remove the avocado seed from the knife.

Simply put the avocado seed into a plastic bag and then crush it with a hammer (or a blunt object).

Combine the crushed seed with your favorite smoothie ingredients, such as dates, a banana, and dark leafy green vegetables, like spinach. If you have a high-powered blender, you may not need to smash the seed first, but you will need to add water.

Recipe for the Perfect Avocado Seed Green Goodness Smoothie


1/2 avocado seed
1/2 avocado
1 cup of almond milk or water
1 ripe pear
1/2 apple
1 cup of organic spinach
1 small piece of ginger (grated)

Smash the seed, blend all of the ingredients together until smooth, and enjoy your avocado seed green goddess smoothie!

I have not tried this recipe as I don’t have a high powered blender, so will have to wait until I have a full fledged equipped kitchen…giggles


T’is The Season

christmas (2)

This is from my place to yours and my wish is for 2016 to bring you all your special intentions for your heart, home and life. I want to take this time to thank you for being an important part of my blog and all of our conversation we have had and looking forward to so much more.

Much Love and Light

Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Health Remedy Recipe

maple syrup2

This recipe for killing cancer cells has been around for years and I have used it for several years…AND just now I read a new bit of information that I didn’t know, so even if you know about this, you may want to read the complete article because there may be a point or two that can be added to what you already know about this recipe of healing cancer.

If you have never heard of this and it is new to you, you are about to be wowed, mmmm, is that a word (wowed)…giggles

This is the part I didn’t know… “Cancer cells love sugar – and mixing and heating alkaline bicarbonate of soda (BS) with sugar-rich maple syrup or honey, binds the two together such that the maple syrup targets the “sugar hungry” cancer cells (which consume 15x more glucose than normal cells), and thus “sneakily” also carries the baking soda into the cells, as if inside a proverbial maple syrup “Trojan horse”.” The part I didn’t know was about the sugar attracting the cancer cell and then the baking soda killing it…very cool.

Baking soda is alkaline and that kills cancer cell or reverts it to a hibernation form, which means the cells go to normal. The shock wave of alkalinity allows more oxygen into the cancer cells than they can tolerate. Cancer cell is reverted or eliminated before the sugar delivery can cause cancer cell growth.

Here is the recipe of this amazing remedy:

This recipe for killing cancer cells has been around for years and I have used it for several years…AND just now I read a new bit of information that I didn’t know, so even if you know about this, you may want to read the complete article because there may be a point or two that can be added to what you already know about this recipe of healing cancer.

If you have never heard of this and it is new to you, you are about to be wowed, mmmm, is that a word (wowed)…giggles

This is the part I didn’t know… “Cancer cells love sugar – and mixing and heating alkaline bicarbonate of soda (BS) with sugar-rich maple syrup or honey, binds the two together such that the maple syrup targets the “sugar hungry” cancer cells (which consume 15x more glucose than normal cells), and thus “sneakily” also carries the baking soda into the cells, as if inside a proverbial maple syrup “Trojan horse”.” The part I didn’t know was about the sugar attracting the cancer cell and then the baking soda killing it…very cool.

Baking soda is alkaline and that kills cancer cell or reverts it to a hibernation form, which means the cells go to normal. The shock wave of alkalinity allows more oxygen into the cancer cells than they can tolerate. Cancer cell is reverted or eliminated before the sugar delivery can cause cancer cell growth.

Here is the recipe of this amazing remedy:

Baking Soda
Maple Syrup


Combine 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda for every 1 tablespoon of Maple syrup. Because there are 3 teaspoons in 1 tablespoon, the ratio used is 1 part baking soda to 3 parts maple syrup. For example, mix 4 tsp. baking soda with 4 tbs. maple syrup. This should be enough for a week. When you mix these 2 ingredients, cook the mixture on low heat for 5-10 minutes. Do not refrigerate this mixture.


Take 1 tsp. of this mixture 1-3 times per day, for a maximum 1 to 2 month. Don’t take this mixture too close to mealtimes. During this therapy you need to change your diet. You need to decrease the meat intake, and no sugar or white flour.

I have some further instructions for the ingredients and use;

Baking soda needs to be organic and aluminum free, the brand I use is Red Hill.

Maple Syrup needs to be organic and Grade B, not your Aunt Jemima type of syrup you find in your usual grocery store, and it needs to have the Grade B on the label not just “all natural”.

Do not heat the mixture in aluminum cookware or nonstick, it should be glass or stainless steel.

When storing it, the container needs to be glass with a lid that closes tightly.

Why I didn’t include honey on this recipe information is because the maple syrup ingredient is usually easier to find, however, you can use honey in place of the maple syrup…HOWEVER…these are the stipulations if you use honey…it needs to be raw preferably with some pollen in it…it needs to be from your local area, within a 100 mile radius…it needs to be organic and processed without any heat…it would be best to purchased direct from the bee keeper and/or someone who knows them.

Again if you have any questions, please feel free to ask on comments and I will answer them for you. Have a wonderful holiday season and a healthy new year.

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Reflexology Points on Your Hand

reflexology hand

Usually we can find instructions on how to do reflexology on your feet, so when i found this extensive map of body organs and systems in and on the hand, needless to say i was very excited.

I am also including a reflexology map for the feet also; what i like to do is apply essential oils on reflexology points for discomfort, pain and other issues so now you can hit those points on your hands, which can be much easier than on your feet…enjoy and help your holiday stress with essential oils and reflexology.

reflexology feet

Daily Meandering


This is the time of year I seem to get caught up in the reviewing of me and my life and being…after I get past this, I always say to myself…next year I am going to bypass this painful process…but, here I am again going at it again….it is like that again word my great grandchildren would say to me when we were having fun…do it again Nani…again…again…only that was FUN…oh, how I miss them…

So…like I tell others when they are separated physically from loved ones…no one can take a relationship from me, I can connect heart to heart with anyone, it just isn’t physical…which is kind of cool, because you don’t even have to get all gussied up for the visit…giggles

What I have learnt thru the years is to be loving and gentle with myself and to learn to nurture myself with more love, so guess this exercise every year has been worth it…I have learnt something and now I can pass it on to you, just in case you are having some of the same feelings coming up…YEA!!!! I can celebrate that…

celebrate (2)

So today will be a lot of…I love you…you are precious…how can I serve you…doing self reflexology and telling my body I love it…sitting in the sun (yes, the sun is shining here today…yea!!!)…make a grateful list…saying thank you over and over again…all of this to myself and my inner child

I do love my life today and I am grateful for everything I have and everything I don’t have, AND I am grateful that I have gotten to know me, the true me, not the person I was told I “should or could” be…that is a true gift…AND that is a gift that is worth getting and no one or nothing can take away…it is truly mine…YEA!!!!

I love you all…we ARE all one…


Have You Heard of Oil Pulling? Here is some info….

oil pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvdeic natural remedy for improving health.  It involves using pure organic coconut oil to pull harmful bacteria, fungus, and other harmful organisms from your mouth, teeth, throat and body.

I have been doing oil pulling ever since I heard of it and have added it to my daily routine of health, it is amazing how it makes my mouth feel and I don’t have any sinus flair ups anymore.  I am sure it has done much more for my overall health as I have reviewed the list below of the benefits for oil pulling.

Here are the directions for performing oil pulling:

Oil pull first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Use 1tsp to 1T of organic coconut oil, I would suggest when first starting to start with a smaller amount until you get use to it and then you can add more if you wish.

Swish in mouth and thru teeth continually for 20 minutes, you may have to soften by a chewing motion to liquefy the coconut oil from the jar.  It is best to do this while you are doing things as it makes the time go faster and you can get the 20 minutes completed.

Discard oil into a container, not down the drain and/or toilet; I use an empty supplement bottle. If you put the oil down the drains it will harden and clog your drains

Brush and floss teeth as usual

Do not gargle the oil

If you have a serious and/or annoying situation, you can do this more than once a day until you get relief.

Here is the list of the benefits of oil pulling:

Cures tooth decay
Kills bad breath
Heals bleeding gums
Prevents heart disease
Reduces inflammation
Boosts immune system
Soothes dry throat
Reduces morning sickness
Whitens teeth
Heals cracked lips
Improves acne
Strengthens gums
Prevents cavities
Clears sinuses
Increases energy
Improves PMS symptoms
Relieves tooth aches
Cleans and reduces plaque
Cleans tongue

If you have any questions just ask and I will help you through your learning curve..happy oil pulling!!!!

oil pulling2


Are All Salts Equal…NO…The Best is Himalayan Pink Salt


Here is one of the reasons… Himalayan salt has less sodium than table salt and it is naturally rich in iodine, so it is not artificially added in. The many hues of pink, red and white are an indication of this salt’s rich and varying mineral and energy-rich iron content.

Himalayan salt is mineral packed crystals which formed naturally within the earth made up of 85.62% sodium chloride and 14.38% other trace minerals including: sulfate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate, and strontium; and it is further stated that this pink salt packs a hearty 80+ more minerals and elements in their pretty pink package.

You ask…what and how does that benefit me, well here is a list of benefits for replacing the table salt shaker with Himalayan Pink salt:

Create an electrolyte balance
Regulate water content both inside and outside of cells
Balance pH (alkaline/acidity) and help to reduce acid reflux
Prevent muscle cramping
Aid in proper metabolism functioning
Help the intestines absorb nutrients
Prevent goiters
Dissolve and eliminate sediment to remove toxins
Aiding in vascular health
Supporting healthy lungs and respiratory function
Reducing the signs of aging
Promoting healthy sleep patterns
Increasing libido
Increases hydration
Strengthen bones
Lowers blood pressure
Improves circulation
Detoxifying the body of heavy metals

And if that isn’t enough to convince you here is why table salt is inferior…

Commercial refined salt is not only stripped of all its minerals, besides sodium and chloride, but is also chemically cleaned, bleached and heated at unnecessary high temperatures.

In addition, it is treated with anti-caking agents which prevent salt from mixing with water in the salt container. These agents also prevent dissolving within our system leading to build up and then deposit in organs and tissue, causing severe health problems.

Studies have shown that for each gram of table salt that is consumed that the body cannot process, your body will use 20 TIMES the amount of cellular water to neutralize the amount of sodium chloride that is present in this chemically treated salt.

Finally, the iodine that is added into salt is usually synthetic which is difficult for your body to process properly. Shockingly under U.S. law, up to 2% of table salt can be additives. This is large in part of how salt has gotten such a bad name. It is not necessarily salt that is unhealthy for us, it is refined table salt that is inferior for our health.

ALSO…Pink salt has other healthy uses such as:

Salt Slabs– used as serving platters, the slabs will impart an enhanced salt taste and mineral content. Chilled: decorate with fruits, sushi, vegetables or cheese. Frozen: present cold desserts and even sorbets. Heated: use the slabs to sear vegetables, shrimp, fish fillets or thinly sliced beef or even to fry an egg. The dense salt blocks conduct heat beautifully with near perfect heat distribution.

Best of all, Himalayan salt is naturally anti-microbial, so clean up requires just a quick scrub or rinse.

Salt Lamps: Keep a salt lamp in each room of your home and it will diminish the electromagnetic toxins in the room, I keep one close to my TV and my desk near my computers

Decoration– use the salts in containers, as décor crystals and sprinkled on food for presentation.

Bathing- throw in the tub for a detoxifying Himalayan salt bath. The replenishing nutrients stimulate circulation and soothe sore muscles.

Naturally rich in 80+ nourishing and skin-replenishing minerals, bathing with pink bath salt is a healing and therapeutic experience for mind and body.

Potpourri Holders and Essential Oil Diffusers, many on-line sites sell beautiful home décor featuring the pink salt as crystal rocks.

Air purification– crystal rock lamps for air purification are also found and sold on-line.

Beautify your home, create healthy salt eating and have a healthy atmosphere in your home and/or office…have fun, get creative…great gift giving ideas!!! T’is the season..HO HO HO

salt lamp



I love this info…usually I need to warn you of toxic products so this just absolutely thrills me…enjoy!!!!  I am sharing this info…I didn’t create it…

What IS The Main Ingredient of WD-40?
Before you read to the end, does anybody know what the main ingredient of WD-40?
No Cheating…..

WD-40 ~ Who knew!

I had a neighbor who bought a new pickup.
I got up very early one Sunday morning and saw that someone had spray painted red all around the sides of this beige truck (for some unknown reason).
I went over, woke him up, and told him the bad news.
He was very upset and was trying to figure out what to do….
probably nothing until Monday morning, since nothing was open.
Another neighbor came out and told him to get his WD-40 and clean it off.
It removed the unwanted paint beautifully and did not harm his paint job that was on the truck. I was impressed!

WD-40 who knew?
“Water Displacement #40”.
The product began from a search for a rust preventative solvent and degreaser to protect missile parts.
WD-40 was created in 1953, by three technicians at the San Diego Rocket Chemical Company.
Its name comes from the project that was to find a ‘Water Displacement’ Compound.
They were finally successful for a formulation, with their fortieth attempt, thus WD-40.
The ‘Convair Company’ bought it in bulk to protect their atlas missile parts.
Ken East (one of the original founders) says there is nothing in WD-40 that would hurt you.
When you read the ‘shower door’ part, try it.
It’s the first thing that has ever cleaned that spotty shower door.
If yours is plastic, it works just as well as on glass.
It’s a miracle!
Then try it on your stove-top.
It’s now shinier than it’s ever been.
You’ll be amazed.

WD-40 Uses:
1. Protects silver from tarnishing.
2. Removes road tar and grime from cars.
3. Cleans and lubricates guitar strings.
4. Gives floor that ‘just-waxed’ sheen without making them slippery.
5. Keeps the flies off of Cows, Horses, and other Farm Critters, as well. (Ya gotta love this one!!!)
6. Restores and cleans chalkboards.
7. Removes lipstick stains.
8. Loosens stubborn zippers.
9. Untangles jewelry chains.
10. Removes stains from stainless steel sinks.
11. Removes dirt and grime from the barbecue grill.
12. Keeps ceramic / terracotta garden pots from oxidizing.
13. Removes tomato stains from clothing.
14. Keeps glass shower doors free of water spots.
15. Camouflages scratches in ceramic and marble floors.
16. Keeps scissors working smoothly.
17. Lubricates noisy door hinges on both home and vehicles doors.
18. It removes that nasty tar and scuff marks from the kitchen flooring.
It doesn’t seem to harm the finish and you won’t have to scrub nearly as hard to get them off.
Just remember to open some windows if you have a lot of marks.
19. Remove those nasty Bug guts that will eat away the finish on your car if not removed quickly!
20. Gives a children’s playground gym slide a shine for a super fast slide.
21. Lubricates gearshift and mower deck lever for ease of handling on riding mowers…
22. Rids kids rocking chair and swings of squeaky noises.
23. Lubricates tracks in sticking home windows and makes them easier to open.
24. Spraying an umbrella stem makes it easier to open and close.
25. Restores and cleans padded leather dashboards in vehicles, as well as vinyl bumpers.
26. Restores and cleans roof racks on vehicles.
27. Lubricates and stops squeaks in electric fans.
28. Lubricates wheel sprockets on tricycles, wagons, and bicycles for easy handling.
29. Lubricates fan belts on washers and dryers and keeps them running smoothly.
30. Keeps rust from forming on saws and saw blades, and other tools.
31. Removes grease splatters from stove-tops.
32. Keeps bathroom mirror from fogging.
33. Lubricates prosthetic limbs.
34. Keeps pigeons off the balcony (they hate the smell).
35. Removes all traces of duct tape.
36. Folks even spray it on their arms, hands, and knees to relieve arthritis pain.
37. Florida’s favorite use is: ‘cleans and removes love bugs from grills and bumpers.’
38. The favorite use in the state of New York, it protects the Statue of Liberty from the elements.
39. WD-40 attracts fish. Spray a little on live bait or lures and you will be catching the big one in no time. Also, it’s a lot cheaper than the chemical attractants that are made for just that purpose.
Keep in mind though, using some chemical laced baits or lures for fishing are not allowed in some states.
40. Use it for fire ant bites. It takes the sting away immediately and stops the itch.
41. It is great for removing crayon from walls. Spray it on the marks and wipe with a clean rag.
42. Also, if you’ve discovered that your teenage daughter has washed and dried a tube of lipstick with a load of laundry, saturate the lipstick spots with WD-40 and rewash. Presto! The lipstick is gone!
43. If you spray it inside a wet distributor cap, it will displace the moisture, allowing the engine to start.

As for that Basic, Main Ingredient…….
Well…. it’s FISH OIL….

Bombed and DeBombed * 12-7-85 * AA Recovery

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WOW…thirty years since my last drink, I didn’t plan on celebrating it on Pearl Harbor day, matter of fact I didn’t “plan” it at all. All of these years one of my favorite sayings has been “I didn’t wake up one sunny Sunday morning and say I think I will go to AA”, in fact I didn’t even know what AA was, it was totally divine order how I ended up there.

This birthday is more important to me than my belly button birthday, however, few remember it and so I celebrate in all the ways that are meaningful to and for me…and now I have you my blog community to help me celebrate it…YEA!!!!!

I am not going to bore you with my drinking story, which in fact is not boring at all…very colorful in fact…giggles…but what I will say is that I had just the right amount of drinks to not ever want another one and I started my life with rebuilding it into the spiritual life I live and continue to develop today.

The beauty of my life is that I have learnt love and gratitude for all things and all people no matter what, that doesn’t mean I can allow them to say and do anything they want to me, it just means that I can allow them their own path with or without me on it with them. I have become proficient on releasing people, places and things from my life, so much so that I live in a 8×10 room and love it, it is my spiritual sanctuary. Did I picture my life at 74 living the way I do…no…however, I love it the way it is and I am grateful and thankful for all I have and all that I don’t have.

Each and every day I have a spiritual practice I do for myself the world…and yes, that includes you, all of you that are reading this, I send you love, light, healing, joy and all heart desires you have, right along with and for me…at the end of this I am going to share one of the declarations I say every morning for all of us…it is by Matt Kahn and I will give you his link in case you would like to know more about him.

Matt’s comment I say daily for you and for me:

To open up the floodgates to your highest experience throughout a lifetime you’ve successfully completed so many times before, please repeat the following words:

“No matter how I think, feel, act, or perceive reality, I hereby accept that I am the ultimate reality dwelling in the hearts of all that is. I am the light through which all things come to be, as well as the aliveness of being that is already so liberated. I am choosing to experience life as this character, only for the purposes of awakening to transform reality for the well-being of all.

“I no longer wait for anything within or throughout my experience to change, in order to confirm the eternal truth that I AM, I have always been, and shall always be. Despite how I think, feel, or act, I am the immortal reality within it.

“While this body provides me an experience of being the main character within the movie of incarnation, I hereby declare the Truth of my infinite nature and command my reality to confirm this Truth to me now. I am healthy. I am happy. I am abundant. I am free. I am the light. The light I am. May all beings be uplifted, healed, and reborn by the power of my immaculate declaration. And so it is.”

I invite you to take a moment and feel the power within these words. In doing so, you enter the revolutionary part of the love revolution by no longer holding yourself hostage, while waiting for life to rescue you. Instead, you declare the absolute Truth of who you are, as the ultimate reality of all that is, and free yourself through the infinite power of your spoken word.

Thank you for sharing in a small corner of my life with me on this great event, and if you are on any path of recovery, this is how 30 years of sobriety looks and feels like…it is the BEST!!!!

Much love and light…Spiritdancing

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