T’is the Season and Time for Grounding, Love and Joy


As I read the energy and vibration reports for the first part of December I am reviewing how I have been feeling and I have to say the reports seem to be right on…I have had to pay very close attention to staying grounded, in love and in joy. So I am sure many of you are resonating with also…so here goes…info on grounding…

There are many ways to connect to the healing energy of Earth. One of the popular methods of grounding with mother nature is known as Earthing. Earthing is a natural way of fusing your body’s energy with the energy of nature. The surface of Earth is filled with an abundance of negatively charged electrons. By having direct contact with Earth’s landscape, you are allowing the transfer of electrons from the ground to your body and therefore restoring lost electrons.

Your body is made of atoms, which contains electrons, protons and neutrons. When some of these electrons are discharged due to free radicals, they cause imbalances in the systems of your body. This could lead to circulatory problems, pain, inflammation, fatigue, premature aging, cancer and other chronic diseases.

Scientific studies have shown that Earthing improves sleep and blood flow, increases energy, lowers stress, relieves muscle tensions and reduces inflammation.

Walking is one the most popular methods of grounding/earthing and that is usually done on the earth in bare feet or at the beach, again in bare feet. It is important for the walking to be with the feet bare, as true connection is required for the grounding/earthing to be accomplished.

I am unable to walk without my shoes on, because of my issue of polio, so I have purchased grounding bands that I put on my right wrist and on my left ankle. Whenever I am sitting in my recliner and/or working on the computer I wear the bands and they keep me grounded. I plug them into a grounded electric outlet and it works great.

Now, about the love and joy thingy…any time I have a negative thought or get frustrated or irritated I say out loud or to myself…I love you, I love you, I love you…and that helps to bring the love and joy into my inner self…try it, you will like it…giggles

If you are interested in the grounding bands just let me know and I will let you know how to acquire them…have a very grounded, loving, joy filled December and having fun walking bare foot in the park and/or beach.

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9 responses to “T’is the Season and Time for Grounding, Love and Joy

  1. Thank you for your wisdom in so many area. Grounding, structured water, gratitude, essential oils…a lifetime of wisdom gained in a powerhouse blog!


  2. Hello again, I’m interested in the grounding bands and would like to know how to acquire them — dorene.ridgway@gmail.com. It sounds wonderful since I find myself on the computer and sitting in a recliner way too much these days!! Also since we live in the mountains, it doesn’t get too warm this time of year so this alternative sounds like a plan for sure! 🙂


  3. This is very interesting!


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