Have You Heard of Oil Pulling? Here is some info….

oil pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvdeic natural remedy for improving health.  It involves using pure organic coconut oil to pull harmful bacteria, fungus, and other harmful organisms from your mouth, teeth, throat and body.

I have been doing oil pulling ever since I heard of it and have added it to my daily routine of health, it is amazing how it makes my mouth feel and I don’t have any sinus flair ups anymore.  I am sure it has done much more for my overall health as I have reviewed the list below of the benefits for oil pulling.

Here are the directions for performing oil pulling:

Oil pull first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Use 1tsp to 1T of organic coconut oil, I would suggest when first starting to start with a smaller amount until you get use to it and then you can add more if you wish.

Swish in mouth and thru teeth continually for 20 minutes, you may have to soften by a chewing motion to liquefy the coconut oil from the jar.  It is best to do this while you are doing things as it makes the time go faster and you can get the 20 minutes completed.

Discard oil into a container, not down the drain and/or toilet; I use an empty supplement bottle. If you put the oil down the drains it will harden and clog your drains

Brush and floss teeth as usual

Do not gargle the oil

If you have a serious and/or annoying situation, you can do this more than once a day until you get relief.

Here is the list of the benefits of oil pulling:

Cures tooth decay
Kills bad breath
Heals bleeding gums
Prevents heart disease
Reduces inflammation
Boosts immune system
Soothes dry throat
Reduces morning sickness
Whitens teeth
Heals cracked lips
Improves acne
Strengthens gums
Prevents cavities
Clears sinuses
Increases energy
Improves PMS symptoms
Relieves tooth aches
Cleans and reduces plaque
Cleans tongue

If you have any questions just ask and I will help you through your learning curve..happy oil pulling!!!!

oil pulling2



8 responses to “Have You Heard of Oil Pulling? Here is some info….

  1. What will happen if I accidentally swallow it? I can’t leave anything in my mouth for too long without puking. 😦


  2. I do oil pulling. It works!


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