Daily Meandering


This is the time of year I seem to get caught up in the reviewing of me and my life and being…after I get past this, I always say to myself…next year I am going to bypass this painful process…but, here I am again going at it again….it is like that again word my great grandchildren would say to me when we were having fun…do it again Nani…again…again…only that was FUN…oh, how I miss them…

So…like I tell others when they are separated physically from loved ones…no one can take a relationship from me, I can connect heart to heart with anyone, it just isn’t physical…which is kind of cool, because you don’t even have to get all gussied up for the visit…giggles

What I have learnt thru the years is to be loving and gentle with myself and to learn to nurture myself with more love, so guess this exercise every year has been worth it…I have learnt something and now I can pass it on to you, just in case you are having some of the same feelings coming up…YEA!!!! I can celebrate that…

celebrate (2)

So today will be a lot of…I love you…you are precious…how can I serve you…doing self reflexology and telling my body I love it…sitting in the sun (yes, the sun is shining here today…yea!!!)…make a grateful list…saying thank you over and over again…all of this to myself and my inner child

I do love my life today and I am grateful for everything I have and everything I don’t have, AND I am grateful that I have gotten to know me, the true me, not the person I was told I “should or could” be…that is a true gift…AND that is a gift that is worth getting and no one or nothing can take away…it is truly mine…YEA!!!!

I love you all…we ARE all one…



5 responses to “Daily Meandering

  1. Thank you for taking the time to do this important work. I generally forego the holiday activities and join you in the inner reflections but this year is different and I am decorating trees, baking cookies and attending all kinds of music events (today is the Nutcracker) with family members. Being present instead of giving a present is my attitude this year and in order to be present, much self-love and compassion are required. Many blessings ♥


  2. Thank you this is sooo needed and so powerful!


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