Household Tip and Tricks


Sheet sets in pillow cases
For storing your sheet sets neatly in a drawer or a linen closet you put them in one of the pillow cases and they will stack on top of each other, they will be all together and you can just grab and go to the bed they are intended for when it is time to change the sheets.

Dryer Balls
I love these as you don’t have to use fabric softener and/or softener sheets in your dryer. The commercial softeners are very toxic and have been found to be the cause of some crib deaths in infants. The softeners are also very hard on your clothes and linens. There are also woolen dryer balls, but I haven’t used them so I can’t give you a report on them. If you like a scent in your drying of your laundry you can put some essential oil on a dampened wash cloth in with your clothes.

I also like to use the dryer balls in my wash as it seems to get them cleaner…I use two balls in both the washer and the dryer.

Boost laundry soap with Borax
Here is another laundry suggestion…in the laundry section of the grocery store there is a product called Borax…20 Team Borax…picture below…I use about a half of cup in each load of wash and just about ¼ of the suggested amount of laundry soap. Borax sanitizes your wash and is a stain remover; it is great for really soiled washes and non toxic. In fact for moderately soiled loads you could just use the borax and the dryer balls.

Saving Glass bottles
I save all glass bottles, as storing food in plastic containers can transfer toxins into your food, also when you purchase foods the best quality foods are sold in glass so as not to contaminate the product. Also when the foods are stored in glass you can see what is in the container and they easy to label for the date etc.

Repurpose smoothie powder containers
Don’t throw out those protein and smoothie powder containers…you can’t see threw them, but they are perfect for pasta, rice, beans, and other items you buy in bulk and/or in plastic bags, I buy small computer address labels and label my jars and containers

It is always fun to get organized at the beginning of the each year…these are just a few fun and cost effective tips and ideas for your New Year…Have Fun!!!!!

dryer balls



7 responses to “Household Tip and Tricks

  1. Great stuff, thank you. 🙂


  2. What GREAT organizing tips…thanks so much. The sheets/pillow case idea is wonderful!! Now I just gotta do it! Appreciate all!! 🙂


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