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Salt is Not Just For Flavoring


I don’t use table salt for seasoning my foods, and haven’t for many year; what I use is Himalayan Pink Salt as it has beneficial minerals in it that makes it actually healthy for you to eat.

I also have salt lamps which decrease the toxic electronic energies given off by your tv, computer, and even some lights, the lamps also keep the energy up which makes the atmosphere in your house cleaner and clearer.

Ok, back to other uses for salt, which there are many, but the one I am going to tell you about today is unclogging your drains. You make a mixture of regular table salt, regular baking soda and white vinegar; I mix the salt and baking soda together…pour it down the drain and then pour the white vinegar down the drain…it is going to fizz and bubble, which is a good thing AND there is nothing toxic you are going to breath in or get on anything.

Let this sit in the drain for about 15 minutes and then heat some water to boiling and pour it down the drain and bingo…it clears the drain perfectly. I just did this the other day and loved it.

What I really like about this is that there is nothing toxic for you and/or going down the drain to cause toxic waste in our sewer or water systems. Also, you will have the chance of breathing in toxic fumes or get toxins on your hands and the area round the drain you are clearing…also the disposal of the toxic drain cleaner container.

I am not giving you a definite recipe of the ingredients as I think it depends on how clogged it is, I used ½ cup of salt, ½ cup of soda and about a cup of vinegar, about 2 cups of boiling water.

If you try this let me know how it worked for you….love reports back…

baking soda2

Phoenix is Rising – Again

phoenix rising3

Did you miss me? Well, I missed me AND you…giggles

I haven’t been sick for three years, physically that is…mentally, well that is another article…giggles.

However, this super germ that is going around, found me and did a real attachment. I got to practice every kind, type, liquid, modality I know or have known in my lifetime, this time around. So two weeks of loving me and doing nothing but taking care of me has now run the gamete and all that is left is this nagging cough, which just doesn’t want to go away.

I am so grateful for my grounding straps, my structured water device, my diffuser, essential oils, green tea, apple cider/lemon detox drink, zinc lozenges, honey decongestion patches, Echinacea and bone broth. I also found that a real hot cloth placed on my face was pure heaven. I really thought at one point I was going to have to give in and head to the doctor’s office, but I guess my body and spirit heard my thoughts and said..NO, NO we will step in and do a healing.

The structured water device cleared my chest congestion, there is a procedure you can use that for to improve your respiratory system and even improve your heart rhythm. You breathe in thru the spout end and exhale, it worked miracles on clearing my congestion. The diffuser was also amazing I put it by my bed and my chair and diffused night and day with essential oils, the one that seemed to help me the most was tea tree oil.

So this Phoenix has risen again and I am so grateful to feel better and back at the keyboard and blogging…I am sending love and light to all of you and my intention is that you will not get in the path of this bug…it is very powerful.

phoenix rising4

Organic Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

Everywhere there are hand sanitizer wipes in the stores, doctor offices, schools and the list goes on and on. Then in the stores there are shelves of bottles of hand sanitizers and wipes, the tv and radio is full of ads to encourage the use of these products for our well being and to keep germ free…this all sounds really good…UNTIL…you start reading the labels and doing research what is in and on these products. They are in fact more damaging than the germs they are suppose to be getting rid of.

As always, I don’t just give you the disadvantage of products, but also the solution. There is a solution and that is to make your own hand sanitizer which is healthy and actually benefits your health and body… AND… gets rid of the germs.

Below you will find two recipes for hand sanitizer; you can try one and/or both and see which one is most convenient for your family. What is so great about the ingredients in the recipes is that they aren’t good for just cleaning but are antiseptic and can help with cuts and scrapes as well.

The essential oils are also good anti-bacterial and anti-fungal for use on the body and the Witch Hazel is also an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial which can treat itches, bruises, bites and other skin irritations. Aloe Vera gel is very healing to the skin along with the Vitamin E oil, which is also a preservative to the recipe.

As always…my disclaimer…only use organic products and therapeutic grade essential oils…this is very important.

So before you wipe your precious babies face and hands with handi wipes, OR even yours, do yourself a favor and go organic and healthy…make your own…you may even find you save a few dollars…have fun!!!!!

Gel Hand Sanitizer


1 Tablespoon Witch Hazel
8 ounces 100% pure Aloe Vera gel
1/4 teaspoon Vitamin E oil
10 drops Tea Tree essential oil
5 drops Lavender essential oil

Mix together the essential oils and the Vitamin E in a container.
Add Witch Hazel and mix.
Add this mixture to the Aloe Vera gel and mix.
Shake well before each use.

This gel sanitizer should last a few months as the Vitamin E oil acts as a natural preservative. To help prolong the life of this blend, either re-use a squeezable or pump-top bottle or use a clean spoon to apply it straight out of a glass jar, rather than putting your dirty fingers into the mix each time you use it.

Spray Hand Sanitizer


1 Tablespoon Witch Hazel
2 Teaspoons 100% pure Aloe Vera Gel (you can also use vegetable glycerin)
8 drops of Vitamin E oil
Essential Oils (Lavender, Tea Tree, or try Lemon, Lime, Orange etc.)
Clean Water

Combine together the witch hazel, aloe vera gel, Vitamin E oil, and essential oils.
Pour into a small spray bottle.
Add enough clean water to fill bottle.
Shake well

For this recipe you will need a 4 oz (120 ml) glass spray bottle, or similar. It is best not to use plastic as it may react with the essential oils.

hand sanitizer2

Orchids Bring Me Joy and Bliss


When I was in my home/house/spiritual sanctuary the yard and house was filled with plants and flowers; there are many things I miss about my house, but I think orchids are on the very top of that list.

I did manage to take two outdoor orchids with me on my “one the move” adventure…AND…they are both blooming now…I absolutely love it, so I now have a stem of about 20 blooms and another one with about 15 blooms. The pictures are exactly what my orchids look like and every time I look at them in my room, it warms my heart.

I have also studied and worked on feng shui; and I encouraged feng shui in my house and yard. It was fun and it did seem to bring balance and peace to my surroundings. One of the plants that is used a lot in feng shui is the orchid and I had many inside of my house as well as in the yard. Here is what is said about the orchid in a book about orchids and feng shui:

Orchid. This beautiful flower is considered a classical feng shui symbol of fertility. The orchid bringing the energy of an untainted natural symmetry, it has also become a symbol of a quest for perfection in any areas of one’s life. Abundance, perfection, spiritual growth, beauty and purity – with such powerful universal symbolism attached to it, no wonder orchids have become a very popular house plant in the West!

One of the stems of the orchids I have placed on the memory area I have designated for David and the items of his that I cherish and he cherished of mine. He has been gone now for almost a year and he is as close to me today as he always was/is…and he loves the orchids also…it is so nice we can still share things together, even if it is in spirit not in up close and personal…proof love never dies, it only gets stronger.

I encourage everyone to get an orchid, they are a thrill to have and they do bring love, peace and balance to your surroundings…

Much love and light