Transition Is Really Being Closer



It has been a year since my soul mate left this plane and found his peace watching over me from the “higher” space.

So many times we think/feel that when they aren’t here physically that we have lost them, and I am here to tell you that actually that is not true at all…we are even closer, just in different ways and energy.

My biggest adjustment was filling my time up that was spent with him here on earth, and as I know how to do from all of the personal work I have done…I start a new health regime and taking really good care of me…this blog was created and that filled my days and those empty spaces he left behind.

I feel him close and things happen in my life that I know he has something to do with, as only he knew they would make me happy and/or want them. When he visits it is a really a soft loving energy and I know without a doubt it is him.

On his memory space in my room I keep orchids for him and his lucky bamboo plant that I brought here from his place…his memory lives on and keeps me centered and in love…

One year and many more to go until….

Daily Meanderings


8 responses to “Transition Is Really Being Closer

  1. Wonderful tribute. I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to meet him. Kathi


  2. You are a terrific person, I’ve met. May God always keep you dedicated to your work as you help so many of us by your awesome posts. Thank you. 🙂


    • Thank you, i so appreciate all my bloggers that are part of this blog, and i am so glad i can contribute to your life, it is my joy and bliss, thanks for making that possible, without you i would just writing…:)


  3. You are strong and beautiful person ❤


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