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What does quality of life mean to you? We each would have our own individual definitions of it, depending on where we are right now, where we have been, what has happened to us up til now, what hasn’t happened to us/for us, and many more instances.

Hence, the theme of this blog…

My vision is for me to assist you and me in opening up to all possibilities of a better quality of life for each of us.  I really would like this to me an interactive blog where we can share and expand together.  Expansion is in community and togetherness, we are the wind beneath each others wings.

The blog will be starting out with some basic categories and others will be added as time goes on, since I am starting the blog I am going to share modalities, spiritual practices, dietary and health related practices, vibrational music. All the information and products presented on this blog by me, are used/practiced by me to create a grounded balanced lifestyle.  Do they take time and effort, yes, and the results are worth it.  It is also called Self-Care which is the totality of taking care of our being physically, mentally, spiritually, health, relationships, family, socially, and everything inbetween.

Not everything works the same for everyone, hence the many topics and information, it is important to get in tune with our bodies and pay attention to what resonates and feel right.  I always encourage to search out new ideas and be open to change, usually when it is time for me to revamp my programs I will get a nudge by something just showing up thru my computer research or someone sending me something.  The key is to stay open and aware.

  • Structured Water
  • Bemer Technology
  • Earthing/Grounding
  • 432 hz Music
  • Food and Supplements as “medicine”
  • Detoxing
  • Community
  • Sovereignty
  • Self-Care

Come join me in manifesting my dream of building a community of individuals that want to learn and grow to make their life and community a better place to live.  Abundant health is a gift and does take time and responsibility on our part to enjoy it.

Much Love and Light
Spiritdancing aka Darlene Siddons







17 responses to “Home

  1. Love this balanced, broad spectrum approach to living life to the fullest! xoxo


  2. Hello Darlene…Absolutely love this blog!! There’s so much to learn…super interesting!! Looking forward to all that’s coming! Hugs!!


  3. Congratulations Dear One — this has been a long time coming and very worth the wait. Looking forward to my email alerts to future updates. Brava! Alia


    • Thanks for the cheers!!!! Yes, it did take a journey of many doors opening and closing to get to here….but oh how rewarding…and the view from the top of the mountain is magnificent…glad you could join me!!!

      Love you Sis


  4. Love your new blog Spirit Dancing!
    A beautiful portal to express all you have to share!
    xoxox Ginger


  5. Very beautiful advice. you are a clear thinker and to the point. 🙂



  6. Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂


  7. Thank you so much. 🙂


  8. Such a loving, healing, precious site you have dear friend!


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