Rising Like the Phoenix from the Ashes

Life is such an adventure and mine has had many of those adventures, in fact, it seems like I have had many lives in just this one adventure called life.  So here I am again back with my fingers to the keyboard, where they are the happiest.

It has been years since I stopped blogging and sharing my website with you my world wide public, the blogging world and internet has been and still is the window to my world, and then there are those of you who have said, where has she gone and why…

Time has given me many gifts, silence has given me many gifts, research has given me many gifts, limited funds has given me many gifts and with all of these gifts…unwrapped and applied to my life…. I have risen from the ashes like a Phoenix and here I am to share with you all what that/this feels like and the true joy it feels like to be free from all human situations that tend to bind us into what is expected of us and required of us, to the freedom of love, joy and liberation.

I have no idea what and/or how this blog is going to develop, but I can assure you that we will have a journey together that will not be boring, as since I went into my silence and inner journey it was not at all boring and I will share from time to time that journey, intertwined with the journey I am currently on.

I found my soul mate and/or he found me, we had a beautiful short time together, he taught me many things and I taught him many things, he left to watch over me from above, which wasn’t the way I had it planned at all…I wanted the storybook ending, but then that is another chapter in this blog, what he gave me was the time to create this blog, so we will say “thank you” and enjoy the tapping of fingers on this keyboard.  I am sure he will have comments to contribute from time to time, as we are still very much connected.

Many things have become very instrumental in my day to day life that I never thought they would be part of my routine, I was always a get up and go type of individual and loved new busy work and adventures, what I have grown to love and cherish are my take care of my mind, body and spirit routines that make me feel grounded, serene, balanced and healthy.  These are the things I am going to share with you and I invite you to share yours with me, together we grow into the joy and fun of rising up from the ashes….just like the Phoenix

Much Love and Light
Spiritdancing aka Darlene Siddons


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