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Love Fearlessly


Before you read the article I want to take this time to wish all of you, my special blog family, a Happy Divine Feminine Day (and yes that includes you men) on Mothers Day.  We all celebrate this beautiful energy of this day. Much love and light  Spiritdancing

How Our Wounds Can Heal Us
Posted by Nick Polizzi

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi

Every one of us has a shadow aspect; the dark and unhealed part of ourselves that we would rather not see, let alone address. However, at some point in our lives, we may be forced to look at those places buried within us that we fear most.

Nothing brings up our shadow like a good old-fashioned personal crisis. Whether it’s a physical illness or an unexpected intrapersonal challenge, we all have a choice. We can either reject the jolting revelation of our shadow side, or we can reframe it as a catalyst for achieving a balanced life.

Consider this radical notion: what is “wrong” can also be medicine in and of itself.

We typically regard crisis as something negative, to be avoided or fought. Yet many non-Western cultures see it differently. Since ancient times, people in the Amazon have regarded dis-ease as the mother of healing, pregnant with opportunities for us to evolve, embrace the sacred, and choose the spirit path to wellness.

They believe that diseases are the messengers of Mother Nature, sent to humanity as teachers that can bring us closer to nature and back to and into our source, or center. The shamans work with disease, not against it, listening for a specific message the illness is trying to relate to the patient: What is it that must be confronted, changed, or healed on an emotional or spiritual level?

Once these underlying wounds are acknowledged, something remarkable happens to the patient. In the words of shaman Roman Hanis, “When the individual has learned the deep lessons their disease has to teach them, they are re-birthed into a new, higher-evolved life.”

Opportunities for Relief and Growth Abound

The essence of this sacred interpretation can be applied to our everyday lives as well. Upon waking, you can either see the day in front of you as a buffet table loaded with painful and pleasurable experiences, or you can look at every encounter as spiritual training – with the goal being to become more clear and resourceful in the moment.

Here’s a little secret: children are amazing barometers of how we adults are operating. After all, they haven’t been “conditioned” by growing up – so they’re intuitive masters.

When my mighty three-year-old son, River, comes into the room and asks me a question, he immediately knows whether or not I’m giving him my full attention. He sees straight through any clouds of distraction and does whatever it takes to shake me back into the present moment.

On the flip side, when I am completely engaged in our interaction, River and I experience a fluid dance of souls. As we whirl, he teaches me things with his words and gestures that are too deeply gratifying to express.

Is it possible for us to tango with crisis and pain in the same way we would with a loved one? Seems kind of absurd at first, but the masters see the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the joyous and the terrifying as two sides of the same coin. They aren’t tempted by the fleeting comforts of the “good” nor are they rattled by the shadows that can sometimes be found in the “bad”.

Once we get past their foreboding exterior, we begin to see pain and crisis as something far more sacred than we ever knew. A shaman might call them a catalyst for spiritual evolution.

Answer this question honestly: Is there a point of pain or stress in your life right now that is actually a misunderstood doorway to your more evolved self?

There sure are a few in mine. 🙂

Stay curious,
Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science


T’is the Season and Time for Grounding, Love and Joy


As I read the energy and vibration reports for the first part of December I am reviewing how I have been feeling and I have to say the reports seem to be right on…I have had to pay very close attention to staying grounded, in love and in joy. So I am sure many of you are resonating with also…so here goes…info on grounding…

There are many ways to connect to the healing energy of Earth. One of the popular methods of grounding with mother nature is known as Earthing. Earthing is a natural way of fusing your body’s energy with the energy of nature. The surface of Earth is filled with an abundance of negatively charged electrons. By having direct contact with Earth’s landscape, you are allowing the transfer of electrons from the ground to your body and therefore restoring lost electrons.

Your body is made of atoms, which contains electrons, protons and neutrons. When some of these electrons are discharged due to free radicals, they cause imbalances in the systems of your body. This could lead to circulatory problems, pain, inflammation, fatigue, premature aging, cancer and other chronic diseases.

Scientific studies have shown that Earthing improves sleep and blood flow, increases energy, lowers stress, relieves muscle tensions and reduces inflammation.

Walking is one the most popular methods of grounding/earthing and that is usually done on the earth in bare feet or at the beach, again in bare feet. It is important for the walking to be with the feet bare, as true connection is required for the grounding/earthing to be accomplished.

I am unable to walk without my shoes on, because of my issue of polio, so I have purchased grounding bands that I put on my right wrist and on my left ankle. Whenever I am sitting in my recliner and/or working on the computer I wear the bands and they keep me grounded. I plug them into a grounded electric outlet and it works great.

Now, about the love and joy thingy…any time I have a negative thought or get frustrated or irritated I say out loud or to myself…I love you, I love you, I love you…and that helps to bring the love and joy into my inner self…try it, you will like it…giggles

If you are interested in the grounding bands just let me know and I will let you know how to acquire them…have a very grounded, loving, joy filled December and having fun walking bare foot in the park and/or beach.

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New Moon and 11:11 November 11th

11 11

Here is the newsletter from my favorite astrologer and what she has to say about this new moon and the 11/11 day of November, and of course more…Enjoy!!!!


Greetings, love,

Before you read any further, take just a moment to breathe in the frequencies of this 11:11 gateway. Let each breath slow everything down a little more, and further still. Life-changing energy has just been seeded deep within you. Feel the presence of its hidden, transformative power at the core of your being.

This is the phoenix power that rises from the ashes of all the fires that have ever died within you. Whatever your gender, this is what your innocence, known as Persephone to the ancients, can transform into — a queen who carries the life-renewing mysteries of metamorphosis in her heart.

It’s here that Osiris – the sacred, beloved masculine within you who’s been killed by the forces of jealousy, competition, and greed — stirs beneath Isis’ sacred feminine touch, and rises from the dead.

This is where the Sun and the Moon have just completed their sacred marriage in Scorpio, in a degree of the sky whose energy can change you forever:

“A woman parting the curtains that close off the entrance to a sacred pathway.”

Parting the curtains within you

It’s not your heroic, masculine energy who’s being invited to part the curtains today. this is the part of us that thinks it already knows all about the sacred path — and probably believes it’s already walking it. It’s your inner, feminine — receptive, intuitive, and emotional — who’s open to the revelation of a deeper mystery than you’ve yet dreamed of.

Whatever you do today, listen to this part of yourself. Allow her to part the curtains — in her own timing and in her own way. Trust her.

The pointing finger of your 11:11 message

In this 11:11 New Moon energy field, over half the planetary energy in the sky is linked through a rare and not easily understandable pattern. Its very name — the Finger of God — evokes its power to align us with the Cosmos. The way to that alignment is full of paradox. Within you and around you, it’s the riddle that unlocks the connection between the sacred path and the rest of your life.

Every yod is a long, narrow triangle connecting three energies that don’t speak the same language. Today, those three are the conjoined Sun-Moon, Jupiter the Blessing Giver, and Uranus the Liberator. By their very nature, the Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus are kindred spirits. Normally they resonate easily. Today, not so much. You might be discovering them in the conversations you’re having today – with others, with yourself, or with life – that are frustrating. Don’t despair! That frustration is a very good sign you’re in the midst of a potentially reality-changing dynamic.

It’s easy for energies in Scorpio, like today’s Sun and Moon, and in Virgo, like Jupiter, to understand each other. Earth is a container for life-nourishing water, and hard-working Virgo is a natural receiver of Scorpio’s passionate intensity.

Uranus, however, is the odd one out in this triangle. In the impulsive, intuitive energy of Aries, he’s not comprehending the Scorpio-Virgo language of focus and will. His “just do it now” urgency is definitely meeting resistance. Until these energies can connect, you’re out of synch with the cosmic direction. The alignment you’re seeking will take some persistence, patience, and flexibility.

Uranus is at the pointing end of this cosmic finger. As the focal point of the New Moon yod, he’s the one who can deliver today’s power into your life.

In Aries, the Cosmic Liberator all about one thing — breakthrough into brand-new territory. Here’s the symbol for the energy he’s carrying from November 6 through 22: “An empty hammock stretched between two trees.” This is not a symbol that has a thing to do with the schedules, the flow charts, or the protocols that drive so much of our lives. It’s about something completely different — living according to the rhythm of the life that flows within you in a way that’s as unique as you are.

Flowing with your own rhythm is what will take you onto your sacred path. Nurturing that rhythm in the grounded ways that help you see the cosmic order in each microcosmic moment of your life is what will support your ability to take groundbreaking action.

Otherwise, you’re likely to find yourself spinning your wheels in a maelstrom of activity, feeling increasingly critical of yourself and others (here’s looking at you, Jupiter in Virgo) — driven by the intensity of old energetic baggage (got your number, Sun-Moon in Scorpio). Over the coming days, as Mercury reaches a strong, flowing trine with the Cosmic Healer, Chiron, it will be easier to see outworn patterns of perceiving and thinking that you can shed now — and the new ones that can guide you down your sacred path.

Energy Shifts: Time for Living Tai Chi-style

We’re moving into an accelerating trajectory of shifting energy in the coming days and weeks — and today brings a taste of it. The way you take action and in the direction that leads forward are both changing, as Mars and the Moon’s North Node – our evolutionary GPS – exchange places in the sky. Mars leaves Virgo and enters Libra, the North Node (which moves backwards through the zodiac) leaves Libra and enters Virgo.

Your action is about to be much more relationship-focused – and the way forward is much more about aligning each moment of your life with a sacred order. With Uranus in Aries, and a building Saturn-Neptune square, this means making an in-the-moment flexibility your core practice in the weeks ahead.

Nurturing the beginning: the week ahead

At every New Moon, the inner and outer Cosmos are energetically pregnant with a new energy pattern. Over the next week, your primary energetic task is nurturing the new seed as it builds the strength it needs to break through to the surface of your life.

* As you part the curtains and look at your sacred path, stay grounded and present in each moment – and go for breakthrough. Remember, you’re at the entrance of your sacred path. This is a beginning.

* Connect deeply with energy of the path. The house in your birth chart where the New Moon takes place is your starting point. Is it the 5th House, the zone of your joy and creativity? The 9th, the realm of your quest and your faith? The 3rd, and your patterns of feeling, thinking, and doing?

* Look to the house where Pluto is located to understand more about where you’ll need to let go of old baggage to actually step onto this path. As the ruler of Scorpio, the Cosmic Regenerator is guiding the unfolding of this seed energy.

* A week from today, when Luna reaches her First Quarter Phase, your energetic priority will change. It will be time to take action to bring the sacred path into the 3D reality of your life. Right action can be small or large. What will define it is this: it will deliver the grounded, focused commitment to your desire to walk the path in a groundbreaking, iconoclastic way — your way.

* A massive energy shift building throughout the first half of this lunar cycle and the next two weeks are preparation time. The day after the Gemini Full Moon Saturn will make the first of his three reality-changing squares to Neptune, officially opening what I’ve been calling the Great Unraveling. It’s going to be an extremely creative, often confusing, time of shift and flux – full of potential to support you in living your truth in ways are divinely guided and creative. Tapping that potential will depend on the strength of your inner guidance system. My Golden Path readings, described below, will give you the map to your energetic “road test.”

We’re on the adventure of lifetimes, Love. May the days and weeks ahead bring you every blessing as you move more fully and deeply than ever before into the reason you took this birth.

With love,


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Star Sister Astrology Link for Wednesday Call

The Cosmic Circe in the Time of Shift

Just in case you didn’t see my first message …..

I sent out an email over the weekend about my free call this Wednesday at 8 pm EDT (New York Time). In case you missed it ….

We are going to gather as a community and talk about the life-changing astrology that is happening now.

The Cosmic Circle: Grounding the Shift and Re-Weaving Reality

The circle is the ancient evolutionary space that nourishes life.
It’s time to circle up!

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For guidance on navigating the Big Shift in the days, weeks, and months ahead, please join me and your Star Sisters at 8 pm EDT (New York time) on Wednesday, September 16, for this FREE CALL, “The Cosmic Circle in the Time of Shift.”

The call will be recorded if you can’t join us — or if you’d like to listen more than once.

I can’t wait to be on live with you!

Marcia (aka Star Sister)

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Today’s Solar Eclipse and Your Life’s Big Shift

You’re in the most potent of energy fields –- the deep and fertile void. It’s the Dark Moon, hours before the most potent of New Moons, a solar eclipse. Deep beneath the surface, old, outworn patterns are dissolving and new ones are beginning to form. When Luna moves between the Earth and the Sun at 6:41 UTC (12:42 Eastern Time in the US), she’ll interrupt the normal flow of life-giving stellar energy to our planet. The seed she’s carrying will embed itself in the deepest levels of your being.

Eclipses are times of profound energetic re-set. Today, the reboot comes through the ancient, timeless frequencies of the Virgin Goddess. Whole and complete in herself, the Virgin is the multidimensional energy who re-aligns the cosmic and the mundane. Her spiritual medicine is grounded and real. Moment by moment, step by step, and breath by breath, she makes life new again – within you, around you, and through you.

The great unraveling & re-weaving of reality is underway

What begins today can shift your reality in ways that are profound and dramatic. Like me, you’re being asked to take up the great project of our times – the re-weaving of the Cosmic Mystery and its magic into every detail of your daily life.

In response to this reality-shifting invitation from the Cosmos, I’m doing something new. I hope you’ll join me at 8 pm Wednesday for a live call where we’ll take a deeper look at the unprecedented opportunities and challenges before you in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Look for a sign-up email later today.

Profound & dramatic shift: the signature of today’s eclipse

While today’s eclipse isn’t a total one, its signature patterns tell us that it’s nonetheless extraordinary:

• Today’s new beginning brings ancient energy into the present to seed the future. Eclipses occur in series that unfold over long periods of time, called Saros cycles. The eclipse that’s creating a new seed beneath the surface of your life today belongs to a cycle that began over a thousand years ago, in 1065. Though it’s been 744 years since this degree was activated by a solar eclipse in 1271, the next six decades will see two more eclipses here. One will be in 2053 and the other in 2072. The issues that are surfacing aren’t only personal ones. The unraveling and re-weaving that’s accelerating today is also cultural and ancestral.

• A nearly exact conjunction between the Sun, the Moon, and the goddess asteroid Isis begins a new relationship in both your heart and your emotional reality with the great goddess whose life-restoring feminine magic raised the dead — just two months since the Sun aligned with Isis’ star Sirius, the brightest in the sky, and illuminated the fathomless depths of Pluto, the Cosmic Transformer.

• With a direct confrontation with Chiron, the zodiac’s wounded healer, the eclipse Sun-Moon-Isis activates the possibility – and the necessity – of healing emotional wounds rooted in the hierarchies of “superiority” and “inferiority” at the heart of our dying culture of domination. To Virgo, the sign of all that is “common,” the Cosmic Healer brings the Piscean recognition that every being on our planet is a microcosm of the Great Mystery.

You may find that patterns of shame, invisibility, inadequacy, and discounting are surfacing. If they are, it’s a sign they’re ready to be released with compassion. Surrendering the patterns that have kept you separated from the currents of Love that hold the Universe – and your life — together, you can accept at a deeper levels than ever the profoundly sacred reality of the microcosmic expression of the Universe in every detail of your life.
• Mercury and Venus are deepening your understanding of the relationship between your heart’s truth and the way you perceive, understand, communicate, and relate. Mercury is the ruler of today’s eclipse – and he’s only a degree away from the point where he’ll dive into the invisible sky in just five days to re-think your relationships – with other people, with your own heart, and with the Great Mystery at the heart of life.

The Messenger is in Venus’ sign, and the re-born Queen of Heaven is the energy behind the scenes at this eclipse. This is the first New Moon since she bought her journey of death and rebirth to an end and returned to the surface of your life with a new dream of love. Today’s eclipse is likely to remove from your life what’s no longer aligned with your heart’s inner truth.

You’re still integrating all that you experienced during Venus’ journey of death and rebirth over the last seven weeks — and you will be until she leaves in her retrograde territory on October 5. The Virgo medicine of adjustment, re-adjustment, tuning, and refining will guide you as you unravel and re-weave the truth of your heart into your life, more deeply than ever.

• The eclipse re-calibrates our evolutionary direction, the Moon’s North Node, with the immense cosmic creativity of an enormous cluster of galaxies (including our own Milky Way) rotating around what is known as the Super Galactic Center. Just last year we discovered that this power zone is part of an even larger system named Laniakea, Hawaiian for “immeasurable heaven.”

Crossing this vast zone of evolutionary energy, the North Node is recalibrating your relationship with the Great Mystery at the heart of life, in a profound and life-altering way. Today’s solar eclipse and the total lunar eclipse in Aries on September 28 are infused with this consciousness-expanding energy.

You’re stepping into an evolutionary portal.

Although the North Node has been moving across the Super Galactic Center since late June, September brings conjunctions with both the Sun and Black Moon Lilith – the brightest and darkest energies in your reality — in the live energy of this month’s eclipse field.

Countdown to the Big Shift

On September 17, in the still-live energy field of today’s eclipse, a massive, three-part energetic shift will unfold:

• Mercury will begin his final retrograde of 2015 in Venus’ sign of Libra, re-thinking all your relationships – including those with your own heart’s truth and with life itself.

• Saturn will leave Scorpio for a more than two-year journey through the truth-seeking sign of Sagittarius, bringing a pressure to live your truth that you haven’t felt since 1986 and 1987.

• Jupiter will oppose Neptune, beginning a process of reintegrating the three-dimensional world and the invisible realities of grace, blessing, and mystery that our culture has long excluded from what we’ve learned to call “reality.”

Each of these shifts will powerfully reinforce the others, catapulting you into a new reality. What’s unfolding is big. It’s complex. And it’s powerful. I hope you’ll join me on September 16 as we turn to face the times we took birth for. If you can’t join at 8 pm EDT, the call will be recorded, so sign up when you receive an email from me this afternoon (link is below). I can’t wait to speak to you live!

May they bless you in every way.

With love,
Marcia (aka Star Sister)

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Visit me online at

This is the link to sign up for the Free Call on Wednesday, 9-16-15, 8pm EST and also includes the recall recording after the call, so you can catch it later and/or repeated times.

The Cosmic Mystic’s Whispered Secrets to Your Heart

This is from my favorite astrology person regarding the Super Moon and beyond, she not only knows the ins and outs of astrology but add the mystic of spirituality to it also. Her website link is near the bottom of the astrology article, she also gives private astrology readings along with these free updates. Enjoy!

The Cosmic Mystic’s Whispered Secrets to Your Heart

Greetings Beautiful,

Within you and around you, the potency of a mystical Pisces Moon is waxing. Can you feel it growing stronger with each passing minute? It’s just hours until Luna will ripen into complete and perfect fullness (at 8:22 pm UTC and 3:22 pm EDT in the US), The underlying wholeness of the Universe is already making contact.

Even as you read these words, that vibrant, pulsing wholeness is activating the living memory of your cosmic home – not a three-dimensional “place,” but a frequency that’s embedded in your heart and in your soul. This total immersion in the wholeness is your preparation for a huge, month-long energetic shift that’s just ahead.

A massive field of expansion and grace

This Full Moon energy field is massive. From far in the outer solar system, Neptune is infusing Luna with his vibrations of the Oneness. At the edges of the inner solar system, Jupiter is simultaneously conjuncting the Sun – the Star at the center of our reality. Together, they’re creating an enormous field of expansion and grace.

And like every Full Moon, its energy is highly polarized. Across the sky from the oceanic Pisces Moon is a very grounded, focused, detail-oriented Virgo Sun – whose energy is expanded by the presence of Jupiter. Each polarity is pulling at your consciousness as hard as it can. If you feel that you’re about to break wide open – well, that’s the Cosmic idea. Expanding your awareness and your life is this Full Moon’s agenda.

As this huge lunar wave comes pouring into your own field, you may feel euphoric. Or perhaps you’re filled with sadness or exhaustion. You could be overwhelmed or chaotic as your circuits jam from the overload. Any and all of these are possibilities whenever Luna is full in Pisces. This year, those possibilities are dialed as high as they can go. So be gentle with yourself. Move slowly through this weekend. Let your awareness open as completely as it can to this moment. Feel the invisible reality, of your emotions and intuition, and let it touch the visible one — the rhythm of your breath, the tension in your body, the feel of the air on your skin.

The Cosmic Mystic’s Whispered Secrets to Your Heart

The alignment of today’s Full Moon with Neptune is both potent and rare. It’s only once every 165 years that the Cosmic Mystic comes home to Pisces, to whisper his most magical secrets to your heart for just 14 years. Between now and 2191, there will only be two other Pisces Full Moons that Neptune will conjunct – one in 2017 and one in 2024.

At the heart of the magic in the sky is this: within you and around you, everything is shifting, at a whole new level and on a massive scale. You’re on an edge – and so is our world. That edge won’t be disappearing as this Full Moon wanes. For today’s Full Moon is your initiation into the time of unraveling the old reality, and the reweaving of the new one.

super moon

Within You and Around You: Big Shift is Unfolding

The sky is showing you how close life’s polarities really are. Beginnings and endings, breakdown and breakthrough are as close as in-breaths and out-breaths. They’re the two pulses of one breath. With six planets either leaving or entering the most Piscean degree of every sign in the zodiac– degree 29, the last, critical degree where one reality changes into another – you too are being breathed in and breathed out.

• Jupiter, the Cosmic Blessing Giver, is only three degrees away from the first degree of Virgo. You’re beginning a new cycle of tapping grace and abundance. For the next year, “going Virgo” is the way you do it.

• Saturn, the Cosmic Manifestor, is on the threshold of 29 Scorpio, bringing a nearly three-year process of deep shadow and core transformation work to an end.

• Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, has just moved through 29 Virgo and 0 Libra, the Equinox Degree where reality shifts. In just three weeks, Mercury will begin his final 2015 retrograde, and when it ends, he’ll be back at the Equinox Point. A seven-week re-think of relationships is already underway – between all the polarities of your life, including those between the visible and invisible worlds.

• Black Moon Lilith, and her wild, primal feminine energy, has just left the last degree of Virgo and is now in 0 Libra. You’re beginning a new chapter in your understanding of her relationship to your life.

• The Moon’s North Node, our evolutionary GPS, is also about to cross the dynamism of the Equinox Point, before heading into 29 Virgo. As the Node conjuncts both Mercury and Lilith in the days ahead, they’ll receive an evolutionary re-calibration from the Node, which carries the most auspicious energy in the sky – the way forward.

• The New Venus and Mars, now vibrant morning stars, are just two days away from the second of their auspicious three conjunctions this year. On September 1, the Cosmic Lovers will seed a new beginning in love, creativity, and abundance in Leo, the sign of the heart. Two days later, the once-a-year confrontation between Jupiter and Neptune will bring about a reckoning of confidence with inspiration, and of faith with empathic knowing.

• From the outer edge of the solar system, Eris, the Cosmic Truth Teller, is aligning with Persephone, the goddess asteroid who carries the innocent young feminine who has a destiny she’s never even dreamed of. By the solar eclipse that’s just two weeks away, their conjunction – and the new beginning in their relationship in your life — will be nearly exact. Within you and around you, the fierce, truth-telling feminine is about to begin a new journey, towards a life-transforming destiny.

Realignment Time: The September Eclipse Season

In the days and weeks ahead, these new beginnings will cascade into your life through an eclipse field that goes live today and remains active into mid-October.

• The Virgo solar eclipse on September 13 will be the first in this degree since 1700, the year that Protestant Europe began using the Gregorian calendar. After this 250-year pause, the September eclipse will be followed by three more in the same degree between now and 2072. The upcoming solar eclipse is seeding the future.

• The last of four consecutive total lunar eclipses on September 28, on the other hand, will be all about endings – with the Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith and the Moon conjunct the most karmic degree in the sky, the South Node.

Preparing for Shift

Here’s how you can ready yourself for the deep, profound, radical shift that’s coming:

• Enter the Oneness. Create a container – of tine, space, energy, and awareness – to turn away from the pressure of the mundane and listen to the life-renewing secrets the Cosmos is whispering to your heart and your soul.

• Ground in the earth. Feel into your body. Connect with the Earth. Drink water. Sleep.

• Feel. In the weeks ahead, we’re moving into a much more fiery, earthy sky. Let the waters of your emotions sink deep.

• Live one moment at a time, as completely as you can. The depth and scale of shift that’s occurring is too much to process all at once, or even quickly. Keep your focus on what’s happening now. Notice as much of each moment as you can. Taste the now. See this moment. Feel its touch on your skin and its presence in your heart.

COMING SOON: A New Circle of Cosmic Support for the Shift

I’m preparing for the shifts as well. The massive changes ahead are what’s called me to envision a new Circle of support — where the information you need to understand the rapidly changing realities ahead can be accessed and integrated on an ongoing, as-needed basis. Your rich, deep responses have been so helpful as I’ve begun to bring this vision into form, and I’m excited about sharing it with you. Watch your inbox!

In the meantime, I’m offering a special reading focusing on the shifts beginning now and continuing throughout the coming year:

September Special Offer Reading: The Big Shift and You

Where in your life, and with what unique challenges and gifts, is:

• Jupiter bringing you grounded, focused blessing and abundance?

• The re-born Venus bringing her new dream of Love into your life?

• Mercury re-thinking your life’s most important relationships?

• The Virgo Solar Eclipse seeding your life with the future?

• Black Moon Lilith transforming your experience of her wild, primordial feminine energy?

• Luna’s North Node bringing a dynamic evolutionary re-set?

• Saturn beginning a two-year push to live your truth and make your vision real as never before?


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May the transformative power of these times bless you in every way!

With love,
Marcia (aka Star Sister)

Magnificent Super Moon Day

Saturday is my all time favorite day of the week…it is the day I give myself off regarding my wellness schedule.

1. No timed wellness procedures
2. 1 cup of flavored coffee-which is absolute bliss
3. Eat without timing – I still eat healthy, it just isn’t timed
4. Can sit in sun and go on my walk whenever I want – or not
5. Long peaceful meditations with healing 432hz healing music
6. Limited computer activity

Today is double special as it is Super Moon Day, and I woke up very excited with thoughts of anticipation, sort of like Christmas morning when I was I kid; only difference was I knew today was going to special and I was going to manifest everything my heart and love desired.

I loved both of these pictures I have posted, the first one is not actually being naughty; it is a metaphor for naughty, like a negative thought, not being grateful for everything, letting little things bug me, things like that. However, after everything is said and done, or not said and not done…what is left is love, always love, as that is all there is/was anyways. So today I send me, you and the whole world on this exciting day…love, love and more love.

naughty chair

When it is all said and done, all that is and ever will be, is love

love in sand

New Moon Good News and Info

This astrology report sparked a fire under my get excited button! I am just giving you a link to the website as it is longish and has loads of info you will want to refer back to –!New-Moon-In-Leo-Symphony-Of-The-Stars/c1i8f/55cd23cb0cf25f10d9b53d66

Be sure and give the page time to load, as it could take a little time, it seemed to be a little slow for me, maybe I was just in a hurry….:)

I have to say I was never much “into” astrology, it seemed very complicated and detailed to me, however, I did do readings for a time regarding crystals and your birth sign, but that was more because crystals really resonate with me…THEN I was lead to Marcia Wade at Star Sister Astrology…she had/has a very personal and inviting approach to astrology and I became hooked to the spiritual side of astrology…here is the link to her website:

She also gives astrology updates on moon dates etc by email…if you stop by her website be sure and tell her Spiritdancing sent you.

happy weekend

Full Moon Care of Your Body

people suffering from flares-ups of certain health symptoms….This is natural and explains what happens around a full moon…

Many forget the connection and what happens on a cellular level..if you can remember this in future you can protect yourselves and be fore-warned of particular symptoms arising.

As we are 70% water, around the full moon a pull occurs on a cellular level. We are not separate from nature. This pull on the cells causes a release of inflammation-causing acidic sodium along with mucus and toxins to come out of the cells into the blood and lymph creating havoc and challenges..

This is done actually to help create a cleanse on the cellular level and tradionally indigenous cultures would use this time to sweat out this exess acidity via the 3rd kidney..the dancing around the camp fire and taking special herbs, concoctions and fasting…

The body always works for you and not against…so always use this time to help your body remove toxicity and cleanse you by keeping hydration to a maximum taking soaked linseeds or soaked linseed water (See Lucys Luscious Health and Beauty)..and not juicing or pushing too many alkalising raw foods into the system as this will push out more toxicity and make you worse…

Soups, stewed apples, live yoghurt, brown rice and cooked vegetables and greens are all you need to be consuming at this time…Unless you are on a special detox diet where you are sweating and doing enemas then be gentle with yourselves…

You will see colleagues, friends and family around you getting ill…colds especially, as this junk moves into the lymph and causes that achy feeling

Where ever the toxicity has moved it will indicate a symptom so if in the blood a headache or migraine attack is more likely…

As the sodium moves through the body it creates a drop in blood sugar levels and causes an emotional challenge as well..resulting in people reaching out for synthetic prostaglandins to reassure the mind/body. Synthetic prostaglandins are drugs such as alcohol, coffee, sugar, chocolate, weed or the heavier more challenging drugs…all will give short term relief but will not help the body or move you forward on your healing journey…

The new moon…new beginnings….is the time to really work on gently cleansing but full moons are all about hydration, sweating, diets high in gentle fibre ( your internal broom) such as the linseeds to help remove these toxins, high doses of omega 3 to calm inflammation and then you are on your way.