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Orchids Bring Me Joy and Bliss


When I was in my home/house/spiritual sanctuary the yard and house was filled with plants and flowers; there are many things I miss about my house, but I think orchids are on the very top of that list.

I did manage to take two outdoor orchids with me on my “one the move” adventure…AND…they are both blooming now…I absolutely love it, so I now have a stem of about 20 blooms and another one with about 15 blooms. The pictures are exactly what my orchids look like and every time I look at them in my room, it warms my heart.

I have also studied and worked on feng shui; and I encouraged feng shui in my house and yard. It was fun and it did seem to bring balance and peace to my surroundings. One of the plants that is used a lot in feng shui is the orchid and I had many inside of my house as well as in the yard. Here is what is said about the orchid in a book about orchids and feng shui:

Orchid. This beautiful flower is considered a classical feng shui symbol of fertility. The orchid bringing the energy of an untainted natural symmetry, it has also become a symbol of a quest for perfection in any areas of one’s life. Abundance, perfection, spiritual growth, beauty and purity – with such powerful universal symbolism attached to it, no wonder orchids have become a very popular house plant in the West!

One of the stems of the orchids I have placed on the memory area I have designated for David and the items of his that I cherish and he cherished of mine. He has been gone now for almost a year and he is as close to me today as he always was/is…and he loves the orchids also…it is so nice we can still share things together, even if it is in spirit not in up close and personal…proof love never dies, it only gets stronger.

I encourage everyone to get an orchid, they are a thrill to have and they do bring love, peace and balance to your surroundings…

Much love and light