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Non-toxic Oven Cleaner


oven cleaner2
Our ovens have had a real workout during the holiday season. Between all the baking we had to do for Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus with the cooler weather our minds and bodies are turning to hot dishes as the cold weather inspires us to cook for dinners and all of this gives our ovens a real busy schedule of baking.

Cleaning our ovens is one of those jobs that we really rather not do, and it is usually put off until it just really has to be done.

Even the self cleaning ovens don’t always do a really good job of cleaning and so you still have to get in there and clean some more.

Then there is the preparation to reduce the toxic fumes and protecting the floor, cabinets etc etc…let alone protecting ourselves and the right timing so family members won’t be hurt by the fumes etc.

Well there is a much healthier way and it works just as good if not better than those brash cleansers anyway. AND it only takes about 15-30 minutes without much scrubbing if any.

Mix a quarter cup of baking soda (for this you can use arm and hammer baking soda) with water to create a paste. Cover the complete inside of your oven including the glass and door. If you have large oven and/or double ovens, double or triple the recipe.

Leave it on for 15-30 minutes or until it looks like the residue has lifted off the metal surface and your white paste has turned a dingy brown instead. Then just wipe away the mixture and all your stains should be gone!

If there are any remaining spots left, a quick once over with a scouring sponge should take care of them in no time. No rubber gloves or face mask needed, just a nice clean oven for 2016…happy cleaning

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