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Let’s Talk About the Dates on Egg Cartons


I found this article on codes for the dates of the freshness for the eggs in the carton you purchase in the grocery store…the article is very good and also the blog has tons of great info so I am going to give you the link to it so you can check it out and maybe learn more info about fresh eggs and maybe even a small hen house in your own yard.

I am a real advocate of reading labels and knowing what is in my food, as I use food as medicine not just nourishment, it does take time and research but I feel so much better when I eat organic, local and non-GMO foods. Here are some pointers to know about:

Know what organic is and what foods can be considered organic; this does mean that sometimes you need to call the company ask questions and/or email them; definitely it is worth a trip to their website, see what kind of info they have and then when you call/email ask questions about some of their statements.  If they don’t say anything about organic and non-GMO you can count on them not having that part their products, they will not be organic etc.

Don’t trust the large food sources for what they say…do your research

Local foods resonate with your body better than out sourced foods, one of the exceptions of this is wheat…90% of the wheat, soy and other grains in the US is GMO and roundup toxic…ALL of the large food corporations of the US use these ingredients in their products…READ LABELS and do research.

If you have any questions about any specific item/product I will be happy to tell you what I know about them/it and/or do some research for you, I am just hitting the tip of the iceberg so to speak when i write these articles, I have done lots of research on products etc, so don’t hesitate to ask me.

This article on egg codes is very interesting and I encourage you to check it out, it just may be your introduction to the story of our food supply and how we need to get informed what we are consuming and putting in our precious bodies.

I only purchase Omega-3 cage free eggs with no hormones etc., but even then the farm fresh ones are better, all we can do is the best we can do, it would be great to be able to have farm fresh….maybe soon….soon has turned into my favorite four letter word….giggles




Are Fall Leaves a Curse or a Gift

fall leaves

Well, the true story is that they are both…I have been known to travel miles so I can see the Fall show of the leaves changing color, as where I live in California the display isn’t really over the top.

Then there is the display of the fallen leaves in your yards and the chore of raking them into a pile and disposing of them. The truth of this is maybe that isn’t something we need to do, as there are healthy benefits to leave them on the ground. Those leaves have flavonoids and carotenoids in them, that is what creates the brilliant colors to show.

Leave leaves on the ground — they have a lot of benefit to wildlife and your garden. Here are some of those benefits:

Leaves provide a habitat for small animals so they can build nests and protection for the winter months.

Leaves are a natural part of any ecosystem.

Throwing away leaves is very wasteful, don’t let your leaves be wasted, they have critical benefits to wildlife and your garden.

Leaving leaves alone and letting them naturally decompose adds nutrients to the soil. Leaves also increase the soil’s water retention.

You do not have to ditch the rake completely; you can use it to move leaves onto your flower beds or a compost or leaf mold pile. Leaves are great for any compost pile and are perfect for the garden. Also, leaves in a compost stay out of a landfill.

So honor those beautiful fallen leaves and recycle them into another round of life, just in a different form which will benefit all the small creatures and your yard for next season. Happy Fall and bless those wonderful fall colors.

fall colors

Structured Water For Health, Mental and Spiritual Well-Being

structured water demo

I have been using structured water for a year or so now and love it; it has made a difference inside and outside of my body. We have all probably heard references to our body consisting of about two thirds water. Obviously then, consuming the highest quality water is of utmost importance in regards to maintaining vibrant health and raising our consciousness.

Yes, I did say raising our consciousness, as when I spray my room AND the house area, it noticeably raises the joy and positive vibes in the house and my room. This would be considered raising your consciousness.

So, imagine what this would do if we drink this water, and bath in this water and water our gardens and yards…natural miracles that is what!!!!

What is structured water? When you go to a mountain stream and the water flows over the rocks…that structures it to the original consistency that God intended for it to be, and now there is a device you can get for your house, garden, pool and spa.

When the water is run thru the device it is structured and it takes all of the toxins out of it and charges it with oxygen, Ion free and free of negative memories (toxins). When oxygen is added to the water, it sometimes is known as “living-water” or “water with life-force.”

Like a battery, water also needs to be charged to restore the natural crystal structure and vitality. The end result is pH neutral, pure, crystalline structured water.

The plastic bottle craze is coming to its end as more and more people are becoming aware of the toxins that are leached from these plastic bottles and are hazardous to our health. AND, adding to our pollution issue with the mass amount of bottles in our landfills.

Join me in supporting consuming structured water because of its ability to improve the delivery of oxygen to our cells, the removal of waste in the extracellular environment and because of it’s pH neutrality. Just as nature’s purest rainwater is pH neutral and that fact that our body tries to always maintain neutral pH, structured water aligns nicely with the natural order of a neutral pH. Structured water, which is the way nature prefers her waters to be, may also partly attribute to the healing powers of fruits and vegetables in their raw, organic state.

Once you do your research on structured water you will be amazed what it will do for your physical and mental health…take the structured water challenge…giggles!!!!

The link below is a website that will give you all the studies, tests, and case histories regarding structured water, also if you would like to hear my testimony and/or ask questions I love to talk about this amazing device and what it has done for me.

Here is the website and unit that I have… http://www.how2structurewater.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=53&tracking=521639da26b29

Structured or unstructured

ps: I tried to enlarge this but couldn’t, but found on my ipad and phone i could manage to enlarge it, but not on the laptop. Techie people maybe able to figure that out on a laptop, but not me so much…giggles

Large Spice Company goes Organic and non-GMO


McCormick spices have decided that they want to join the clean food movement, meaning that the largest spice company in the world will be almost all organic and non-GMO by 2016!

Everywhere there is the news and awareness of organic fruits and vegetables; along with the clean processing and feeding of our meats and seafood, well we also need to become aware of our spices and seasonings that we use and consume.

We consume close to a billion pounds of spices per year and that number is growing as consumers become aware of the health benefits of many of the spices we use in our food preparations.

The processing of spices can be contaminated with toxins just like our foods. This has been dealt with by the United States by sterilizing the spices with toxic chemicals, the most common being ethylene oxide, which is a gas that leaves a residue on the spices that can be harmful to human health.

In fact workers who have prolonged exposure to the gas have suffered from cancer. The chemicals are so bad that they have been banned in many European countries and Japan, but not here in the United States.

By 2016 80 percent of McCormick’s products will have this new standard in their products, and will label their products so that consumers will know that they are eating non-GMO and organic spices.

Many of the company’s herbs are non-GMO already, but the company wants to be completely transparent on their labels. They also plan to release a new non-GMO vanilla extract that will compete with rival companies.

McCormick Spice Company moving to non-GMO, organic spices by 2016 will be updating their processing and will be using steam treatment instead of harmful chemicals to preserve their spices!

McCormick also wants its customers to know that they do not use irradiation and harmful chemicals on their spices, but instead preserve their spices through steam treatments already, so their next step in serving their customers will be to be organic and non-GMO.

They are making this announcement right before holiday cooking season. The company is hoping that their spices will make their way back into homes across the world as consumers grow to trust the company again!

spices health

Organic Foods and Farms are Here to Stay

organic foods

Thank goodness, as organic is so much healthier for us, organic food sales have gone up 11.3%, which doesn’t seem like much, but that number is increasing constantly. Also, many people are growing their own gardens and community gardens are increasing in numbers all over AND these are not included in the 11.3%.

One of the most popular reasons that people eat organic is to avoid the chemical poison cocktail that is in commercially produced foods. More than 600 active chemicals are registered for agriculture use in America. The National Academy of Sciences reports that 90 percent of chemicals that are applied to foods have not been studied for long-term health impacts.

If you spend any time talking to someone who eats organic produce, they will tell you how much better it tastes. If you struggle with the GMO debate and feel that organic foods are a pricey gimmick, wait until you’ve tasted a heirloom tomato. If statistics and research do not sell you, the taste of organic heirloom produce may convince you that it’s worth the money!

Eating organic produce shortens the distance that the food takes to get to consumers’ tables. Eighty percent of all organic produce is sold less than 500 miles from the farm. Which means it is fresher and healthier, it is also said that our bodies adjust and assimilate foods that are grown from the region we live in, so it is better to eat local foods.

California makes up the biggest slice of the country’s organic food market, California’s Department of Food and Agriculture produces half of all fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in the country. Coming in second is Washington State. California and Washington rank the highest for organic food sales in the United States! Other states that are part of the organic greats are Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Texas, New York, Colorado, Michigan and Iowa.

If you reside in any of these states, you are very fortunate and should find a bounty of organic produce. If you live in a state that is not included in this list, continue to advocate for your states organic farms. Organic food is here to stay. Spread the news and encourage and support your local organic farmers and also do some research to see if there are community gardens in your area and if not start one.

Eating healthy whole foods is one of our birth rights, and we need to find ways of giving this back to ourselves. Many countries outside of the USA have banned GMO crops and are miles ahead of us on this issue, in fact when you go to a healthy conscious food market and you go to the pasta section and read the labels you will see the pasta is not from the USA, which means it is GMO free; if you buy from a country you know has GMO free crops. The pasta I buy is from Italy and it is delicious, does that mean it is 99 cents…no…but I know I am not getting poisoned. It is these poisons that are creating all of our “designer” diseases that are plaguing us, so I encourage you to take charge of your food consumption.

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