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A Healthy Gut and More


Here it is the 22nd of January and just now I am creating an energy space in writing something personal…from my AA birthday to after my belly button birthday which is in January it is always a review time in my life for me.  So here I am back at the keyboard on a personal level…I did get a few posts out and kept up pretty much with contacts here on the blog…2016 is the best year yet…giggles

I always like to review my health plan every six months or so, as i use food as medicine in my life and I like to pay close attention to how my current plan is working for me and see if I could make some adjustments…my attention was drawn to probiotics and so started my research on that area…

Before adding probiotics to your shopping list this is what I found out and why now I am eating sauerkraut every day…

Here is some info I found out…

2oz of non pasteurized sauerkraut has more probiotics than 100 probiotic capsules

4-6oz of sauerkraut has 10 trillion bacteria, which is a good thing

Homemade kraut is the best, however you can buy readymade if you are prudent in making sure it is organic and not heated…heating destroys the probiotics

Fresh artesian water should be used and sea salt…no vinegar or heat

I save the liquid and I like to drink it a little each day or so.

In my area, Southern California, I found Bubbies and it is in the refrigerated deli case

In The Gluten Summit, 2013, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, told Dr. Tom O’Bryan, ““With every mouthful of sauerkraut you’re consuming billions of beneficial microbes which will be killing the pathogens in your gut driving them out and replenishing the beneficial flora in your digestive tract.”

Cabbage is high in anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins A and C. Cabbage also reduces lipids in the bloodstream. When cabbage is fermented into sauerkraut the fermentation process opens up the cell walls accessing a higher ratio of vitamins. It has been said that sauerkraut has 200 times more vitamin C than the head of cabbage before fermentation.

I divide the kraut into 1-2oz servings and eat one a day, you can heat it then if you like, I like mine cold…the kraut comes in glass jars and should remain in glass containers, again to preserve the probiotic properties.

Just following these simple instructions I have noticed a reduction in body swelling and a general all over good feeling, I am very pleased with the results. My gut area has reduced some and my digestive system seems to be liking my new treat to it…giggles

I have finally made the complete switch to organic fruits and veggies; and grass fed for farm animal products, my budget required an ease in process and so that process is now complete.

I made a organic, gluten free pumpkin bread for my birthday present to me and it was/is delicious, a Christmas present to me was a toaster oven and I love, love it, so now in my spiritual space of 8×10 I have a rice cooker, electric fry pan and a toaster oven…can life get any better than this…I don’t think so….giggles

Have a wonderful new year…and keep in touch

Much love and light


AND…the most important part of my new year beginning is my a new addition to my spiritual life, I already meditate daily and have my spiritual declarations I make for you, all the world, Gaia and myself, this one I have added that I also now do daily…and twice on Sunday’s….giggles

“So if you like to clean your energy field, simply summon and visualize a beam of WHITE LIGHT from the highest point imaginable….descending down into your energy field which makes you LIGHTER and BRIGHTER. Go down from head to body to toes.

Then sit there about 10-15 minutes while feeling and watching the changes you experience. Once done, you may feel (I have always 100% of times) feel lighter and swifter in my energy field. Don’t take my words for it, do it and experience it yourself.”  Here’s to your clean energy field…yes!!!!



Bombed and DeBombed * 12-7-85 * AA Recovery

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WOW…thirty years since my last drink, I didn’t plan on celebrating it on Pearl Harbor day, matter of fact I didn’t “plan” it at all. All of these years one of my favorite sayings has been “I didn’t wake up one sunny Sunday morning and say I think I will go to AA”, in fact I didn’t even know what AA was, it was totally divine order how I ended up there.

This birthday is more important to me than my belly button birthday, however, few remember it and so I celebrate in all the ways that are meaningful to and for me…and now I have you my blog community to help me celebrate it…YEA!!!!!

I am not going to bore you with my drinking story, which in fact is not boring at all…very colorful in fact…giggles…but what I will say is that I had just the right amount of drinks to not ever want another one and I started my life with rebuilding it into the spiritual life I live and continue to develop today.

The beauty of my life is that I have learnt love and gratitude for all things and all people no matter what, that doesn’t mean I can allow them to say and do anything they want to me, it just means that I can allow them their own path with or without me on it with them. I have become proficient on releasing people, places and things from my life, so much so that I live in a 8×10 room and love it, it is my spiritual sanctuary. Did I picture my life at 74 living the way I do…no…however, I love it the way it is and I am grateful and thankful for all I have and all that I don’t have.

Each and every day I have a spiritual practice I do for myself the world…and yes, that includes you, all of you that are reading this, I send you love, light, healing, joy and all heart desires you have, right along with and for me…at the end of this I am going to share one of the declarations I say every morning for all of us…it is by Matt Kahn and I will give you his link in case you would like to know more about him. http://www.truedivinenature.com

Matt’s comment I say daily for you and for me:

To open up the floodgates to your highest experience throughout a lifetime you’ve successfully completed so many times before, please repeat the following words:

“No matter how I think, feel, act, or perceive reality, I hereby accept that I am the ultimate reality dwelling in the hearts of all that is. I am the light through which all things come to be, as well as the aliveness of being that is already so liberated. I am choosing to experience life as this character, only for the purposes of awakening to transform reality for the well-being of all.

“I no longer wait for anything within or throughout my experience to change, in order to confirm the eternal truth that I AM, I have always been, and shall always be. Despite how I think, feel, or act, I am the immortal reality within it.

“While this body provides me an experience of being the main character within the movie of incarnation, I hereby declare the Truth of my infinite nature and command my reality to confirm this Truth to me now. I am healthy. I am happy. I am abundant. I am free. I am the light. The light I am. May all beings be uplifted, healed, and reborn by the power of my immaculate declaration. And so it is.”

I invite you to take a moment and feel the power within these words. In doing so, you enter the revolutionary part of the love revolution by no longer holding yourself hostage, while waiting for life to rescue you. Instead, you declare the absolute Truth of who you are, as the ultimate reality of all that is, and free yourself through the infinite power of your spoken word.

Thank you for sharing in a small corner of my life with me on this great event, and if you are on any path of recovery, this is how 30 years of sobriety looks and feels like…it is the BEST!!!!

Much love and light…Spiritdancing

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