Easter = Spring Has Sprung


I have been sort of missing in action lately and I would like to say that will improve but I can’t, as I have been very busy in some consulting projects and there doesn’t seem to be enough minutes in the days…

I am also giving it some thought to expand and do a little revamping of the blog in the near future, of course when I find the time….:) The name and how to find me will all remain the same, but I will add some new topics of interest…well of my interest, which I am intending will be of yours also.

I love spring, all the pastel colors, all the flowers are in the stores, my favorites being orchids and star gazer lilies, but love to just look at the others with their beautiful spring colors. The air is fresh and here California we have more rain and showers, which I like to call liquid gold, when I was living in Washington I called rain a pain in the ***, as there was just too much of it….:)

I am wishing you all a very Blessed Easter and Gorgeous Spring, enjoy every minute of it as you just can’t get those minutes back…love everyone you meet and greet them with a smile, you never know when someone really, really needs one. Be good to yourself and everyone, there are rewards for that, so give freely every day.

Much love and light


9 responses to “Easter = Spring Has Sprung

  1. You sure are busy!! Hopefully we will be busy with our exchanges sooooon!!! Love yah!! Lehua


  2. Thank you,happy Easter to you too. I like spring and the beautiful flowers too. All the best to you. 🙂


  3. Happy Beautiful Easter to you!




  4. Lovely post! So glad you are back!


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