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Phoenix is Rising – Again

phoenix rising3

Did you miss me? Well, I missed me AND you…giggles

I haven’t been sick for three years, physically that is…mentally, well that is another article…giggles.

However, this super germ that is going around, found me and did a real attachment. I got to practice every kind, type, liquid, modality I know or have known in my lifetime, this time around. So two weeks of loving me and doing nothing but taking care of me has now run the gamete and all that is left is this nagging cough, which just doesn’t want to go away.

I am so grateful for my grounding straps, my structured water device, my diffuser, essential oils, green tea, apple cider/lemon detox drink, zinc lozenges, honey decongestion patches, Echinacea and bone broth. I also found that a real hot cloth placed on my face was pure heaven. I really thought at one point I was going to have to give in and head to the doctor’s office, but I guess my body and spirit heard my thoughts and said..NO, NO we will step in and do a healing.

The structured water device cleared my chest congestion, there is a procedure you can use that for to improve your respiratory system and even improve your heart rhythm. You breathe in thru the spout end and exhale, it worked miracles on clearing my congestion. The diffuser was also amazing I put it by my bed and my chair and diffused night and day with essential oils, the one that seemed to help me the most was tea tree oil.

So this Phoenix has risen again and I am so grateful to feel better and back at the keyboard and blogging…I am sending love and light to all of you and my intention is that you will not get in the path of this bug…it is very powerful.

phoenix rising4


Structured Water vs Unstructured Water

structured water demo

The chart that was at the end of the posting yesterday on structured water was just not clear, so i have typed it out so you can read it…enjoy!!!


Removes and prevents scale problems

Water delivers nutrients and oxygen more

A source of living energy to cells

Healthy water is energetically charged (EC)

High solubility – the ability for products to
dissolve in the water

Hydrogen bond angle is perfectly balanced

Creates better cellular oxygen absorption
with a higher pH

Improves taste

Water is wetter for better absorption and

Delivers nutrients and flushes toxins on a
cellular level

Refreshing taste of spring water


Can cause major scaling

High surface tension – resists natural cell absorption
and dehydration problems

Low solvent absorption

Energetically dead or “flat” when tested

Does not aid in proper hydration for humans or animals

Contains pollutants and bacterial matter

Typically acidic and not helpful to health

Structured Water For Health, Mental and Spiritual Well-Being

structured water demo

I have been using structured water for a year or so now and love it; it has made a difference inside and outside of my body. We have all probably heard references to our body consisting of about two thirds water. Obviously then, consuming the highest quality water is of utmost importance in regards to maintaining vibrant health and raising our consciousness.

Yes, I did say raising our consciousness, as when I spray my room AND the house area, it noticeably raises the joy and positive vibes in the house and my room. This would be considered raising your consciousness.

So, imagine what this would do if we drink this water, and bath in this water and water our gardens and yards…natural miracles that is what!!!!

What is structured water? When you go to a mountain stream and the water flows over the rocks…that structures it to the original consistency that God intended for it to be, and now there is a device you can get for your house, garden, pool and spa.

When the water is run thru the device it is structured and it takes all of the toxins out of it and charges it with oxygen, Ion free and free of negative memories (toxins). When oxygen is added to the water, it sometimes is known as “living-water” or “water with life-force.”

Like a battery, water also needs to be charged to restore the natural crystal structure and vitality. The end result is pH neutral, pure, crystalline structured water.

The plastic bottle craze is coming to its end as more and more people are becoming aware of the toxins that are leached from these plastic bottles and are hazardous to our health. AND, adding to our pollution issue with the mass amount of bottles in our landfills.

Join me in supporting consuming structured water because of its ability to improve the delivery of oxygen to our cells, the removal of waste in the extracellular environment and because of it’s pH neutrality. Just as nature’s purest rainwater is pH neutral and that fact that our body tries to always maintain neutral pH, structured water aligns nicely with the natural order of a neutral pH. Structured water, which is the way nature prefers her waters to be, may also partly attribute to the healing powers of fruits and vegetables in their raw, organic state.

Once you do your research on structured water you will be amazed what it will do for your physical and mental health…take the structured water challenge…giggles!!!!

The link below is a website that will give you all the studies, tests, and case histories regarding structured water, also if you would like to hear my testimony and/or ask questions I love to talk about this amazing device and what it has done for me.

Here is the website and unit that I have…

Structured or unstructured

ps: I tried to enlarge this but couldn’t, but found on my ipad and phone i could manage to enlarge it, but not on the laptop. Techie people maybe able to figure that out on a laptop, but not me so much…giggles

My Wellness Schedule


I have referred to my wellness schedule several times so thought it was about time to share that with you, you may be interested in some of it, all of it and/or none of it….giggles. So here goes…

First thing upon waking up I drink about an 8oz glass of water that I put by my bed before I go to bed and take Serrapeptase which is a supplement that clears out and keeps clear your veins of plaque etc, it is said that if you take this on a regular basis your chances of a stroke or heart attack is greatly reduced.

I don’t take anything for 30 minutes after I do this, then I fix my coffee and sit in the sun and/or porch for at least 20 minutes, then I come in and fix my collagen drink, which is 2T of fresh squeezed lemon juice; 1 scoop of collagen powder; and about 1 to 2 T of structured water…shake really well until the powder is mixed with the liquid.

Then I take two ice cubes to put at the nap of my neck, my drink and turn on my DNA Repair meditation tone, I drink the drink and apply the ice cubes and listen to the meditation which takes about 40 min.

Then I fix my detox drink which consists of 2T of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 2T of Braggi Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 1tsp of cinnamon, 1tsp of coconut sugar, a couple dashes of cayenne pepper, mix very well and drink…(shiver and shake your head…giggle). Wait 30 minutes and then you are ready to eat…

Eating means a smoothie…this is what mine consists of; at least ¼ c of blueberries (I freeze them so they sort of act like ice cubes) ¼ c of coconut milk; 1tsp of cinnamon, 1tsp of coconut sugar, 1T of sprouted flax powder, 1 scoop of grass fed-gluten free-gmo free-whey powder, 1 scoop of green veggie and fruit powder again gluten free-gmo free-organic-raw, add a splash of structured water if too thick..blend in blender until completely mixed.

Then I take my supplements after the smoothie; I am not going to list those as supplements are a very individual thing according to each person.

While drinking/eating this I listen to vibrational tone music for healing myself and the world, this takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

In between everything, somewhere I squeeze in oil pulling and spraying magnesium oil on…by 1:00 I am ready to go…giggles

I am healed and the world is healed…this is how I spend my time in my 8X10 sanctuary…holding the love and light for all of us. I love you all!!!!!


Inner Child Food Play Day

About three months ago I carved myself out a very detailed health routine which I have followed to the letter, with that said, I give myself one day a week off from that routine, today happened to be that day…AND my inner child said I want something really good and oooy and gooy good, from brunch to dessert. Now on my day off I still follow my healthy eating habits, I just don’t time everything and I snack etc.

So I started a dialogue with Misi, that is my inner child’s name, and she said for three months I haven’t had one of my favorite foods, not one…and she sort of stomped her feet…giggle…so off to the store we went, thank gawd she didn’t insist on a fast food place, I found dessert first…I knew that would make her happy, they (sprouts farmers market) had flax muffins(GMO free, Gluten Free, no preservatives, no trans fat, no dairy, no hydrogenated fat, AND aluminum free baking powder…now this company knows their stuff…I got the chunky chocolate chip…and when we got home they were/are delicious…I mean really, really good, and not just because I hadn’t had anything like this for three months…I mean REALLY good…thank you, thank you, thank you Sprouts.

So yes, we had dessert first, we had one muffin and fresh beet drink that sprouts make fresh. Then I fixed a mashed potato medley, I don’t have a “kitchen” so I make do with miscellaneous appliances, of which one of them is an electric rice bowl, I bought organic instant potatoes, used structured water, coconut milk, grass fed organic butter to make the potatoes; added green onion chives, organic canned corn, garlic, dill weed, ginger, longhorn cheese, and ham with no nitrates and no hormones etc.

Misi and I sat down and savored every bite…going mmmm, mmmm, gee this is good…thank you, thank you, thank you, she was skipping around and just having a ball, her favorite beverage of choice for a carbonated drink is/was Dr. Pepper, and of course she NEVER gets that anymore, but her second choice is Sambazon Acai Berry Energy Drink, which she does get from time to time, it is $2.89 a can so just special times she is awarded this privilege, it is fizzy and it tickles her nose…she loves it!!!!

So Misi and I had a wonderful day off from the health routine and loved, loved it very much and we are both here with big smiles and grateful hearts and we still stayed within the healthy eating boundaries…even tho I gave myself permission not to stay in the boundaries…amazing how that works…AND a big shout out to the companies that make/made this possible and the stores that carry it for us.

inner child

Water, Water What How to Choose

I have used almost every kind of water filter made – well, that is ones that my budget allowed…

When I was introduced to “structured water” by Natural Action Technologies, Inc, I knew intuitively I had found what I had been researching and looking for – and- it hasn’t disappointed me.

What is structured water: It creates a way where oxygen can act as a gateway to energize the water, also known as Living Water or Water with a Life Force – this means it benefits our body and mind to higher consciousness and health…and…our gardens, pools, hot tubs, bathtubs, showers, pets, washing vegetables, car runs better and uses less gas, spray around house/work etc and it diminishes negative energy and creates love energy, breath on hand held device which clears sinus cavity/brain and chest cavities, spray on face for anti-aging help, ad infinitum.

Do you drink water from plastic bottles, here is a documentary that you may want to take a look at, if I need to drink water from a plastic bottle I will structure it before I drink it and it will return it to its natural state, so fantastic!!!!

Documentary on the hazards of bottled water call “TAPPED”.  Click here to view full length movie

Below you will find pictures that were taken in a research program conducted by Natural Action Technologies, Inc., the pictures speak for themselves.

Distilled and Reverse Osmosis (RO) water has so little Bio-Photon Life Force Energy that they are functionally dead:

Reverse Osmosis Water Sample

Bio-Photon (life force) Energy Emissions from a single drop of fresh well water sample tested in Taos, NM

Bio-Photon Energy Before Structuring

Photonic Structuring shows dramatic visual evidence of the increase in Bio-Photon Life Force Energy

83% Increase in Bio-Photon Energy

(Photos from real-time Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Bio-electrography for water studies by Clayton Nolte.)

For more and other info you can check out Victoria Whites website and be sure you tell her if you talk to her that you got your intro from me, that way we can both assist you in getting all the care and info you need/want.